Jul 2, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

First of all we seek Your Protective Wing over us so that we are kept off the enemy’s radar and that our communication with You is covered so that none of the strategies You give us will be understood by the enemy.  And anything that they have planned to attack will be revealed and be brought to naught!  That the enemy’s frequencies be scrambled and that all confusion, unrest, rebellion and sin remain in his camp and fall upon those who will not leave his camp.  Thank You, Father for Your Awesome Protective Way.

So Father as we have learned by the example of the Israelites of old we are here to repent of listening to false reports and stories that are told us about the enemy that raise fear or makes us tremble are rejected by us!  We know we have Victory and we are well able to overcome the enemy for because of Your Son Yeshuah we face a defeated enemy and through Yeshuah we can do all things and we are willing to follow Your Commands!

Father in this hour we strike at the enemy and all of his uses of the media to frighten us and mislead us.  Protect those who are truly reporting the truth from any of the attempts of the enemy to in any way harm them physically, mentally or spiritually.  Lord give these true reporters encouragement to continue to tell us the Truth and shine the Light into the dark corners of the deep state whether it be in the government of in our assemblies of worship.  We have had enough of making it look they have all the strength and we are not able.  The Truth shall prevail!  We are defenders of the Truth as we seek to learn it more and more through the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Father, we also repent of our lack of faith and trust in what You have said through Your Prophets in our day what will come to pass!  Father, sometimes we lack patience to accept Your Perfect timing for all of it to come to pass!  Father, we do know You are always there when we need You as there are many small miracles that have got us through some dark and bewildering moments.  We are so grateful that we are Your children and that You are watching over us this very moment!  So Father we do have a Hope and confidence that all things will work unto God for those of us who love You.

Father at this moment we decree and proclaim that new forms of media will arise that will be bearers of the Truth.  That we will see new news casts like CBN news and others will arise to fill the air waves with the Truth and the gospel will be hear around the world through these new and exciting ways that You are giving us.  May those who receive this inspiration be encouraged and not delay in fulfilling what You have given them!  Lord for we are well able to make America and Israel and any nation to thrive in Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father we repent of any murmuring that has been in our midst or any rebellious talk against Your Gift of president Trump to lead us as well as others who have taken on the mantle of leadership aligning with him.  We seek protection for all of these men and women who are will to serve and be loyal to our American way under our Constitution and laws based on Justice as found in the Sacred Scriptures.  Lord, we still do have those who are in office who are there by bribery or cheating and lying to hold authority over us, but we say Enough! Out with the old ways and in with the new so that Justice will prevail!  That those who will not change their ways that they face their crimes and pay due recompense!  As You have said in Your word, what the enemy has stolen it shall be returned sevenfold. Lord let that transition of the wealth of the wicked be turned to Your people who are here humbly before You and good and faithful stewards of Your blessings whether it be large or small.  Lord we are here to be the wise who have taken their talents and returned them 40, 60 and hundred fold!  Praise Yeshuah!

Father, we are here to intercede for those who are fulfilling Your Command to do battle in the arenas of life You have put them like Coach Dave Daubenmire and his team that proclaim Justice now. Those who take to the street of America to make us aware of Abortion and its evil like Rusty Thomas, Alveda King and others who are willing to give of themselves so that other might live and have life in the womb and into old age!  Bless all of these ones who are rising up now especially our Young who have Hope in their heart that we can make this a better world and spread the Kingdom of God in all the nations!  Thank You Father for this great gift of all who stand with us as the Strike Force of Prayer because we are her Father to pray to bring about the prophetic words You have given us!  We say Yes to You!  Amen!

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