Oct 30, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We Your children come to You with humble contrite hearts knowing that You have such Great Love for us and You have expressed Your Heart to us by the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

We are so grateful for this wondrous Gift and making us now the restored Family You had planned from the beginning. Keep us under the shadow of Your Wing so that we are truly protected from all the assault of the enemy.  Scramble all frequencies that confuse us or stop us from hearing Your Voice and attempt to stop us from walking and knowing You intimately.  Lord with You all things are possible and You have already begun a great work in us and we surrender our wills so that Your Will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!    

Father with our mouths we proclaim that all of creation now is renewed by the finished work of Your Son and that we are here to be good stewards of all that You have placed in our hands to accomplish in this day.  Lord we recognize that You have created us in Your Image male and female You have created us there is no other plan and purpose but Yours that we increase and multiply to fill the earth so that it is a fitting dwelling place for You to be with us and that our children and their children through generations to come will see Your Glory on the earth!  Lord we are here to do Your Will!

Father we repent of our lack of response to the enemy’s attacks on Your plan of man and woman as the only image to be a part of.  Lord we do not accept any of the sexual perversion that has been set upon us by this despicable term of same sex marriage and all of this weird stuff called transgenderism and gay rights and all the agenda of making sin be right and right to be wrong! Respect for one another yes, but the truth is the truth and in Your Word you said what is an abomination is an abomination and no one can change it.  We stand on Your Word and proclaim there is only one way in creation we are made in Your Image male and female You created us.  Nothing else is true but Your Word and You are a God who never lies or falls under the power of man’s word nor can man change what You have already established.  Lord we stand on Your Truth and Your Truth alone!

Father in this day we seek the healing and restoration of all those who have been fooled by the lie of sexual perversion.  Lord raise up more shepherds who will truly disciple these wounded souls in our midst that they will experience the Love of Christ that we have been given.  That they will see their worth in Your Eyes and even though they have been distorted through Your Grace they are renewed and are truly a witness of what You can do and continue to do in our day.  Lord that the Holy Spirit will bring His convicting power about sin over our nation and we will bring about a proper respect for one another men for women and women for men and that we will raise our children to know You and the true way we can walk in this life and in this day!

Father, we seek that Justice will continue to be established in our land that righteous men and women will hold the offices of judgeship and other positions that will bring about equal justice for all.

Lord, continue to use President Trump to bring about a complete change in our Court system from the Supreme Court, the Federal Courts and all that he has authority to appoint.  That as in the courts of heaven we will see just decrees and decisions that are fair and equal for all men and women that there will be no prejudice just the truth will reign!

Father give us clear understanding of creation and the purpose and order that You have established.  That we will eat of the Tree of Life and not be overwhelmed or tempted to use the tree of knowledge as a means to sustain us.  Lord it is a heart thing: our heart to your heart and to see one another as You see us. That men and women are to be united in love and acceptance of one another  whether it be through the gift of marriage as You have planned it or through relationships that bring about You Will in our lives so that we are good stewards and share the fruit of our labor with one another especially the widow, the orphan and the poor as You have commanded us to do!  Lord that Your Will be done now and into all eternity. Amen! It is so!

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