Oct 30, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Protective Covering over our assembly of Prayer Warriors in this hour.  Keep us off the enemies radar.  Keep them unaware of what You have planned for us.  Scramble all the enemy’s

frequencies and let all confusion, anxiety, unrest and rebellion remain in their camp.  That we are here under Your all seeing Eye and nothing can interfere with Your Plans with us as long as we keep our attention  on You and do not let our minds wander.  Nor let us lose sight of why You have called us You have drafted us into your anointed Army to spread the Kingdom around the world ad to continue to sweep across America to make our land free to worship You without fear and that we are her for we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus and these prayers we raise we know we will see results as we are already aware of. Thank You Lord!

Father in a special time tonight we want to uplift President Trump and continue to protect from the constant attack of the enemy and of all who hate him and use slanderous and abusive talk, ridicule, and mockery all in an attempt to bring him down from what You have anointed him to do.  We are so grateful that You have groomed him to be for such a man of peace, safety and Justice in America.   Lord we repent of all those who have saying such terrible things against himself, his family and all that he holds sacred in his life! Lord we seek special protection for each member of his family: his wife, sons and daughters, and grandchildren!  Let those who have refused to seek forgiveness by repenting and withdrawing these terrible statements or expressions let it come to them in abundance to face the consequences.

Father, Your Prophet Kim Clement warned us of the actions that his enemies are taking now with this whole scam of impeachment.  May all Americans truly see what is happening here.  They are doing everything they can to stop the agenda You have given him for this time.  Lord we bind up their voices and their continual harassment of this man!  Lord, let them learn the lesson of how we are to honor and respect proper authority.     Lord, let Your Plan unfold as to how they will be stopped and all of this will come to naught!  We seek Justice and a fulfillment of the prophetic word to be fulfilled that You are making America a true nation of Your Kingdom and be used as a launching pad to continue to spread the Gospel and bring the harvest of souls that we can disciple them and make every good thing happen that You have planned so that we walk in Brotherly love and honesty .

Father make us aware through the anointing of the Holy Spirit that we are the vessels of love and truth.  That it is in this time and through all that You have called us to do is truly bringing a renewal in pour spirit and making America what it has always been called to do a land of freedom and justice and that all men were created to be to free and to worship you without fear!  When we believe that we truly do cast out fear through love and make us one Family as You have planned from the beginning!

Thank You Father for the gathering of these Prayer Warrior for this special call and may all that they voice in these moments be truly be a reflection of our commitment from our heart to Your heart and raise up our confidence to know this and  how you truly wondrous you are,  Thank You Father in the name of Your Son, Yeshua


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