Jul 4, 2019

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Heavenly Father.

Under Your Protective Wing we cover this call and all who are here today so that we are kept off the enemy’s radar and that his frequencies are scrambled and that no interference will be able to interrupt this time with You! We are here Father to raise up our prayers to intercede for our nation America, and other nations who seek to align with Your Kingdom and Your Will on earth as it is in heaven.

Father here in America we celebrate the Day of our Independence when our founding Fathers and Mothers said no to tyranny and sought to rule ourselves and people to freely worship You as the only God in our land!  Father, we are so grateful for the gift of America and the freedom You have given us in Jesus the Christ!  Lord, we first of all repent of the sins of our nation that have led to strife and ill treatment of one another and even of those of other nations.  We are not a perfect people but we are a believing people  and have hope because we have You as our God and are here to worship no other.  Father, we want no one to force false worship on us from the false gods of Baal to all the others gods that lead to death and destruction!

Father we seek special protection and care for our President Donald Trump, his wife and all of his family! We seek protection  and guidance for all those who serve in his administration and all those who are aligned with the goals that you have place in him as a way to Make America great in Your Eyes.  Father give President Trump the wise words of leadership today to unite us as a nation that truly is free and knows we are dependent on You for all that we are blessed with and that our labors will be a sign to others that our God reigns and we are free because of You!

Father, You have blessed us a with a heritage of believing men and women who have risen up in their day to keep us focused on You and the great grace You cover us with to keep us as a nation that is free and is willing to help in the setting other men and women free in nations that are under the tyranny of unrighteousness.  Father, that all men and women be set free in Yeshuah Ha Maschiah!

Lord, we repent of our misuse or lack of good stewardship with the blessings we have received whether it be financially or in other forms.  That we will always be a generous people in sharing with the poor, the widow and the orphan.  Lord we seek an answer to the debt of our nation and the greed and stinginess of our banking systems and those who hold sway over money  for their own corrupt ways of dealing with their fellow man.  That we will see an end to a banking system that is filled with usury and keeps the poor burdened  with unjust debts.  Lord that we will see a change in these systems and truly have a dependence on Your Providential Care!  As You have taught us it is the love of money that causes us evil in our midst.  Lord, that America will return to correct and honest banking and practices of usury, fraud and cheating be exposed and that Justice rule and reign over us.  That those who for generations have held us in bondage will be utterly exposed and be brought to Justice and that we will truly see a transfer of the wealth of the wicked into that hands of Your People so that we may be true stewards in righteousness to take care of the poor, the widow and the orphan as it pleases You! Lord, that we will continue to see President Trump and those working with him will put an end to the unconstitutional use of the Federal Banking system and the taxation system.  That Americans will be awakened to what we truly have been given through our founding fathers and mothers a Republic that is to be governed by We the People and that we do have the power to take our country back from all the thieves and haters of what we are as a nation with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness under God!

Lord, that on this day of celebrating our Independence we will be united in spirit and truth to walk forward into all that You have planned for us and that You have prophetically spoken to us through Your prophets of this day like Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman and other men and women You have anointed for such a time as this!

Father, our Faith pleases You, so we proclaim and declare that America is Yours and we are Your People who are willing to say You are our Lord and King!  Thank You Father for our freedom and this great nation You have placed in our hands to live and rule over.  All Praise, Glory and Honor be Yours in Yeshuah’s Name! Amen!

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