May 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We seek Your Protection as we gather on this day of Repentance and Prayer here in America!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and silence his frequencies and keep all of his methods of distraction and distortion of the Truth far from us.  Let the plans of chaos, rebellion and iniquity stay in his camp that we may be under the shadow of Your wing to give You all the glory and honor You deserve.

Father as we enter Your Court of Heaven the men of this Strike Force stand in the gap for all men as guilty before You of any and all disrespect, lack of honor and abusive treatment of women, the Crown of Your Creation.  We, men in Your Army confess our lack of love and proper respect for women in Your Creation Plan.  We are here to stand in true accountability for the sin, rebellion and iniquity of men toward women.  With repentant hearts we seek Your forgiveness and the forgiveness of all women in our lives that we have harmed or hurt in any way by our selfish and lustful ways even in our bloodlines and past generations.  We seek the complete removal of any legal right Satan has over us and also anything he has done illegally. We stand repentant and humble before You Lord!  Let a fresh flow of Your Son’s Blood flow over us so that we are washed whiter than snow and from this day forward a new vision will be given so that men will truly see women as the helpmate You have created her to be!

Lord, we stand in the gap so that the way women have been abused through all of the sexual perversion that pervades the mind set of this world be crushed and thrown back into the pits of hell where it belongs!  That all women, whom we call wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend receive the healing touch of Yeshuah through us in our prayer today.  That those women who are trapped in prostitution, sex trafficking and other forms of abuse whether physically, mentally or spiritually be set free!  We stand in the gap that they will receive the healing love of Yeshuah into their lives through us and the righteous men who are willing to sacrifice like Christ for His Bride to bring restoration and renewal in our land of America and throughout the world!

Lord, as we prepare Mothers Day here in America we seek a proper honor and respect for all mothers and that a new awareness of protection of a mother’s womb become sacred throughout the land.  That all women, young or elderly be appreciated for the motherly ways that are innately in them and that they express in their caring ways for all who seek their aid and companionship!  Lord, You showed a special love for mothers as Your Compassion for the widow of Nain and even for Your own mother even as You were dying on the cross.  May we as men acquire that same compassion in our relationships with women in each of our lives whether in our family or those who are a part of our lives in various ways.

Lord, that selfishness and lusts of the flesh in us be replaced by the mind of Christ and that respect and honor be always shown and given to women as You have planned it from the beginning and has been restored by Yeshuah, Your Son and our Messiah and Lord! Lord, that we see women as the sacred vessel and temple You have created them to be so that You dwell in them as You dwell in us!  That we are equal and together give the true Image of You in our world that You created for us!

Father, give all of us a better understanding and awareness of the Holy Spirit in our life.  That the Holy Spirit is here to lead us into all truth and He is the Comforter just as a mother comforts children and that Women are the carrier of His Wisdom in life as Your Scriptures show us that Wisdom is always a woman and that the Holy Spirit is the feminine principle of the God head!  May we truly be one man and woman as Yeshuah prayed that we be one with You Father!   Thank You for this great privilege to walk and shine Your Presence in our life together in Yeshuah’s Name in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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