Jan 13, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You making this day a special day of repentance and forgiveness especially toward those who have been false shepherds and those who have instructed us and led us into error in our search for the Truth especially in being made disciples of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus the Christ/ Yeshuah.  Father. We humbly admit our guilt of being angry, resentful and upset by the lies and deceit that was used to lead us into either false worship or taking on errors that were not the message of Your Sacred Scriptures to us!   Father we admit that our hearts at times get overwhelmed with thoughts  of hate and resentment when we have been misled.  Forgive us for any evil intent we feel toward these false teachers and guides in our lives.  When we become aware of the deceit we are hurt and feel foolish that we could be so misled, but Lord forgive us for our lack of truly seeking to know the truth and to discern the lie from the truth! Now that we are aware because the Holy Spirit is revealing more and more of the truth to us we are so grateful for the opportunity to change but Lord release from us any hate, resentment or ill will toward those who have misled us whether it be our parents, teachers or those who call themselves pastors or teachers of the Gospel.  Father remove from my heart all the transgressions of iniquity your find in me so that I may be pure of heart now in my walk in the new wine You pouring out in this day.  Yes, we walk away from all false religion and false rituals and false leadership in our churches/assemblies,so Lord lead us to those who can show us the way in which Your want us to go!  That we will have now real shepherds committed to the truth and to teach the truth and not be afraid of public opinion but only speak in boldness of Faith and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in this hour!

Father, in this hour through Your Holy Spirit we are seeing a new Golden Vision of Reformation of Your People to walk as Your Son, Jesus the Christ/Yeshuah has shown us .   To heal the sick, bind the wounds of those who have been harmed and abuse. To set the captives free as we see those righteous men and women who bravely walk into the darkness of child and sex trafficking to set the captive free and bring restoration into their lives.  Lord that You will give us all boldness of Faith to walk out of the safety of our bunkers and walk into the swamp around us to expose those who are evil and drive them out of their positions and to give us the strenght to take their place to lead this nation and any nation into the Light and the prophetic word You have declared over us in this day!  Lord here is our heart cleanse it even more and dwell in us to be used to do even more as Your Son told us we would do because He has passed on to us the authority to do as He did to destroy the works of the enemy and make this world a suitable dwelling place for You to reign and rule now and forever!

Father continue to bless and protect our President Trump and all who are one with him especially this day as those who are intent to worship Satan and all of the evil that they can muster against our anointed President.  We stand here without fear for we know there is no God like unto You and that they are worshiping that which has no power and might like You Father.  Let them taste the disaster they claim  over our nation that they will be filled with chaos and confusion and darkness and it have to cry out for Mercy from You Lord for there is no God but our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   That all of theses hexes, vexes and curses are nothing but empty words and have no power to come into the Kingdom of our God!  That the gates of hell will not prevail and like Balaam of old when he tried to curse Israel he was stopped by You and only was able to bless Israel, wo now Lord make their voices bring blessings to us and that Your Holy Angels who are assigned to protect America will make such an impact on these witches, warlocks and other evil pursuers on them that they will shake in their covens and caves and other places of activity that they will shake as the earth opens up to swallow them and put an end to this hatred and darkness.  Lord thank You for all that You have planned to turn all of this into nothing but Your Light piercing the darkness and showing Your Glory in this hour!  Light is all around us and we will see that what say prophetically to follow through with what the prophets have spoken will be present now at this very hour and into all the days of this year we call 2020! or 5780! 

Father we are so grateful for all that is taking place in this day and that the restoration and reformation of America is among us and we as Your Prayer Warriors  are indeed doing our part in spirit and truth.  That You have inspired us to get out of the safe church and move into the world of the swamp and drain it and make new our land as You have always desired us to be!  It is so!  There is now other way we want it!  Amen!  Alleluia!

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