Oct 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come in a spirit of repentance so that we are before You with a pure heart washed in the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua.  Hide us in the shadow of Your Wings from the radar of the enemy and any of his ploys to stop us from our spreading Your Kingdom here in America and around the world.  Lord we want to hear Your heart and no one else.  Our desire is to be united with You Father so that we give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving!

Lord, the world in which we live is dominated with all of the negative that emphasizes death, destruction, chaos, lies and manipulation.  Father we seek Your Protection from any of this entering our lives through thought word or action. We are here to concentrate on Your Word of truth and keep the Hope alive we have because of the sacrifice of Your Son for us.

Lord we are constantly bombarded by the term “fake news” as the truth is twisted and distorted to be what the liars and deceivers want us to hear and believe and accept. Lord enough is enough!  Let all of this fall down on them and Your Truth prevail in us and that the words of your prophet be made true that the media and all those who report will be made new.  Let Your Holy Spirit guide us in to all truth and let His revelation rule our lives!

Father there is even “fake news” in our assemblies/churches.  Where our leaders/pastors, etc. promote their own form of political correctness and speak words that tickle our ears instead of challenging us to live in righteousness and acquiring the mind of Christ.  Often there are those who call themselves Christians and yet are not being what they say they are.  We repent of allowing this type of teaching preaching to dominate in our assemblies.  We declare we want no more of fake gospel but the God News! We declare no m ore of the mockery of Your Word and Your Commands.  Lord raise up new leaders and teacher of Your Truth in our assemblies.  We say tear down the old and bring in Your newness!  We walk away from any connection to an assembly that is connected to Baal in anyway and that allows the government to be the head instead of the True Jesus Christ our Savior, Lord and King!  No king but King Jesus!

Father we repent of our apathy and laziness to stand for the truth in our day. Continue to convict us to act our faith by doing our duty as citizens of this great nation You have bestowed on us to vote and take an active role in making our America a shining light among the nations of the world.  That we will learn and be aware of who we should vote for so that righteousness will prevail and that the gift of our President will be supported and strengthened in his resolve to fulfill the plans You have place in his heart to fulfill!

Lord, by the authority You have placed in us by Your Son, Yeshua we bind all the hexes and vexes of the witchcraft that is attempting to enact during this time.  No weapon formed against us has dominion over us.  We bind the demonic forces that are attempting to strike against our President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh and any other leader in our midst that You have anointed to be in position to bring righteousness to the land.  That all of those who plot evil in thought word and deed against us be brought to a realization that our God is mighty and nothing can overpower His Power and nothing can stop the action You have already put into motion!

Lord, we know because of our repentant heart You have opened a doorway for the Kingdom to prevail and we will see a rejuvenation that will strike awe in us to know we will live in it because we are Your Army for such a time as this!  Thank You Father as we pray to You in the name of Your Son, Yeshua in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!



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