Apr 27, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come in the spirit of repentance  to throw off the burden and curse of the bribe that is in our church, our land, our government and our very own lives.  You are are only source Father, You are our inheritance, Your are source of every blessing we receive and all that You have given us through the Sacrifice of Love from Your Son, Jesus/Yeshua the Christ!

Father we repent of selfishness even in our own prayer life with You! You give us love freely and all You ask is that we return that love to You so that Your love is made complete.  Father through Your Son You have revealed to us Your heart and that You are vulnerable to us. We are awaken to the fact that our relationship to You is a heart matter. It is as intimate as husband and wife in true mattiage where honesty and truth reign supreme. Betrayal and  hiding the truth from one another only wounds and destroys a marriage and so to with us with You! We are here to give our love freely to You with no strings attached.  Forgive us for the ways we often pray to bribe You to hear us when we say if You will help us in this struggle we are in we promise to obey Your Command!  Lord, we are here to purify our hearts to love you willingly and with no regard for what we ill receive from it.  Forgive any selfishness on our part and so we seek to do Your Will not for what we can receive but to give You pleasure .  Yes, Lord Your Son showed us selfless love so now we are here to walk as He walked and do the same strengthen us in our resolve to love You selflessly by sharing love with all those You have given us to love and serve.  Yes, Lore form us into the living image of Your Son here on earth so that we live as You have always wanted a family of Love!

Father Your Kingdom is based on Justice! Everything You created is to follow the order You have established and to be in harmony with Your Way.  You have given us the Commandments not as a legalistic way to live, but as a proper guideline to follow so that Your kingdom will be here on earth as it is in heaven. Lord waken our understanding to see how wonderful are Your Ways and how You have always love us even when we walked away and turned our heart from Your Heart!  It is awesome to know that You are such a loving Father, that the moment we repent You are there to embrace us and restore us as You Son showed us by the Loving Father when the prodigal son returned.  We are so grateful to be blessed with such forgiveness and restoration.  Even now in this hour here on earth that re=set has a start, You are doing such a marvelous work in our day!  By our repentance You are restoring us and making us a Holy People, a nation set apart so that we give You Glory, Honor and Praise!

Father, in this hour we are here to repent and intercede for Justice in our land and that all forms of bribery be exposed and crushed by the Hammer of Justice.  Lord we intercede for judges and all those who are aligned with the court system in any form that they will become pure and righteous so that judgments will be rendered without prejudice because of the bribe or favoritism.  That we will have judges who will be fair and clear sighted in their decisions to all that come before them.  That there is no prejudice because one is rich or poor! That there is equal justice for all that the innocent will be free and only those who are guilty will be judged rightly!  Lord we are our courts from the Supreme to local be based on our Constitution and biblical law and order! Thank You Lord for raising up men and women in righteousness to render judgment  fairly and honestly to all across our nation.  As Your prophets warn it is over for the corrupt and a restart of righteousness to rule the land is here!

Father, one more thing we seek that as we Your people repent of selfishness in our giving to get that we will have leaders arise in our assemblies that we ill be concerned to reveal Your heart and not to be caught up in what fills their profits but what You have said bring the tithes and offering into the storehouse so that those who are in need will be taken care of as Jesus the Christ gave to those He touched.  Lord we are not here to have material wealth rule the assembly but that we are here to worship YOU in spirit and truth!  Lord make us good stewards of the blessings You give us so that we may render giving generously and to be just and fair with all that we are to care for.  Lord. So that our hearts show that even when we give to the least of us we are giving to You!  That the bribe and favoritism has no place in the House of God only honest and truth so that we are then in Harmony with Your heart.  This we seek in the name of Jesus the Christ! Amen!

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