Apr 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you in a spirit of repentance for our lack of obedience to Your Laws!  Lord, we know that You gave Your children of Israel laws to keep and if they would keep them it would go good for them in the land of Promise!  You anointed Moses to lead them and through him taught them Your Laws. The beauty of these days of remembrance we see how You are always Faithful and all that You Promise You fulfill, but it is us Lord who fall and fail to fulfill our part of the covenant, but Your Love is everlasting and as we repent we are completely restored now because of what Your Son has done for us as we remember His Passion, Death and Resurrection in this these days.  Lord we have been grafted into our Family in to the Tree of Life!  We are so grateful and thankful for in this very hour You fulfill what You Promise: we are covered by the Blood of Your Son and so all that darkness and evil plagues that are around us is passing over us.  We are set free and walk through the waters that limit us  but You have spared Your people once again. Praise to Your Glorious Name!  Father we are here in awe  f what You have for us now in this hour and as it  tretches in our future as a nation set aside to do Your  ission to be Light for those who seek Your Word,  specially for Israel and all nations who follow us to call  esus our Messiah and Lord!

Father we are so grateful for giving us an anointed leader in President Trump for he has even spoke of the glorious remembrance of what Your Son, Jesus has done for us.  Father, just as Your prophets for our day have stated the White House will again be House of Your Presence! Glory to You O Lord!  Thank You, Lord!  We are here to listen, to obey and fulfill what You ask of us in these days.  We are in deed grateful even though we have been asked to keep ourselves limited, it has become a time when we are more appreciative of our families, our friends and yes our neighbors.  Lord thank You for making Peace and calmness reign in our land!  We repent for any who have used this time as a time to cause rebellion and discord among us.  Lord through Your Holy Spirit bring conviction and repentance to those who will not learn.  Show them Lord that it is through Obedience to Your Word that we have abundant life!  Lord, Your Word is true if we have short term sacrifice we reap long term blessings!  Thank You Father, for the gift of the Holy Spirit who is our comforter and friend to lead us during these days to discern true leadership from those who are wolves in sheep clothing are more selfish with greed to have power and might over us.  Lord, continue to separate the sheep from the wolves that we will be a People that You want us to be for we are covered by the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus! We are here to obey and say clearly Your perfect Will be done in us as it is in heaven now and for all eternity!

Father bless and protect this Your Army of Prayer Warriors and reveal Your glory as You have promised in this day as we celebrate and worship You in spirit and truth! Amen and Alleluia!

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