Mar 13, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you with humble, contrite hearts washed clean by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah! Under the shadow of Your Wings keep us protected from the enemy’s radar and any other means he uses to either tempt or divert us from seeking Your Will in all that matters.  Lord, we have chosen Life over Death, Purity over lust, Holiness over lawlessness, above all we have chose You, Lord as our sole source for all that we are blessed with and all that You call us to do.

Today, Father, we pray in a special way for our nation of America.  We know You have chosen us to do a special work to bring about a restoration to us and others around the world.  Lord, we seek to repent for the sin that we have allowed to rule in this nation and to return to You as our forefathers and mothers planned to make this land a land of freedom under the rule of Christ Jesus. Lord we proclaim and decree that we repent and strike down all that is false idol worship and that has been taught  and been deceitfully brought upon us that has shackled us to sin instead of true Liberty and Freedom that brave men and women have died for to spread the Kingdom of God in our land since its beginning with the first settlers who vowed this land to You!  We are here tor repent so that You will continue to heal our land and make us the shining Light we are to be!

Father, we repent of the spirit of murder that pervades the land through Abortion, suicide and all forms of violent attacks in our cities, our streets and even in our homes. Lord we decree and declare that Life is for all to share from the unborn in the womb to the elderly in their weakest moments. Lord we choose Life over Death.  We repent that the blood of the innocent is upon us who have failed to speak out and stand against the onslaught of the enemy and those who have said it is alright to abort life.  Lord the very blood of these innocent cries out, so now Lord we say forgive all who repent and give us boldness to speak plainly no more abortion, euthanasia and infanticide!  Lord use us as one voice in our prayer to drive it from our land!

Father, we repent for the words and deeds in our land that are caused by bigotry, racism, hatred and lack of good will to men!  Father, we want to see one another as You see us because of Your Son, Yeshuah!  We want to take on His Mind and His attitude toward all people no matter what color, race or origin.  That we live under the Banner of Forgiveness for the past and that we will live together now as one nation under You, God with Liberty and Justice for all.  We seek Your protection from all enemies that instill us hatred and division.  Drive out Lord those who are here to harm us  and those who come to destroy our land and attack our Godly ways!.  Make America what You Will it to be!

Father, we repent for our foolish ways in which we do not stand  behind those who bring righteousness into our government and justice system.  Lord forgive us for not using our vote to choose the men and women who are willing to hold office to protect and serve our nation in accord with the plan you have put in the heart of President Trump and those with him to return us to land of law and order, a land ruled by our Constitution and the biblical principles we were founded on!  Lord let the plan unfold now that will drive out of office those who are there because of lies, deceit and voter fraud.  Now Lord let the Hammer of Justice fall on those who have been treasonous and seditious in their ways of ruling over us that has destroyed our freedoms.

Lord, we repent for all the leadership in our assemblies/churches who have been blinded by Mammon and all other forms of seeking their own selfish glory instead of seeking You as the only and true Head of our Body.  Awaken more of our leaders to truly reject government authority over Your authority.  Choosing their own selfish insights over the Holy Spirit Whom You have given to each of us to guide and direct us into all truth and to see and discern the anointing that You have place on those willing to follow You like Mark Taylor, and others with a prophetic voice and others who have been crying out to lead us into righteousness and follow in the footsteps of Yeshuah.  Lord continue to reveal the truth in our assemblies of who is walking in Truth over darkness.  Continue to separate the sheep from the goats!  Continue to reveal those wolves in sheep’s clothing! Lord strengthen us to gather in our homes and special places to give You glory, honor praise and thanksgiving for what You are doing now in America and around the earth.

Father, continue to cleanse the temple of America to make it a home for You to dwell among Your people and to make this land a place of true worship of You our Heavenly Father in spirit and truth!  Lord form us into the Body of Your Son, Yeshuah so that we live as He taught us to live and to be in unity through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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