Sep 19, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As we begin our time with You, unite us under the Banner of Your Son, Yeshua, Whose Blood washes us clean because of our repentance of any sin that makes us impure to be before You.  You lift us up and make us whole through our repentance and so Lord, we are most grateful and we give You all the glory and honor we can muster to give You!

Father, keep us shielded from the enemy’s radar and all of his plans to kill, steal and destroy and may these plans fall on those who promote it and are a part of it in trying to destroy America and all that President Trump is doing for us. Continue to expose all the unrighteousness of any who stand against what You have planned for us.  May all of these treasonous ones be brought to Justice before the Cross of Your Son.  That they either repent or suffer the consequences of their betrayal and deceit through their words and actions.

Father, we ask that You protect all of those gathered here as Your Army from any blow back from the enemy as we intercede in areas where they have strongholds or demonic influence.  That there be no interference in our communication with You whether through the material or spiritual means.  We give You thanks and praise as You bless us now and for all eternity!

Father, we pray and intercede for You Sacred Assemblies that have been led astray and given a false gospel to believe in by those hired hands who see their churches only as a business to be managed and to tickle the ears of their hearers so that their personal lives are enriched with the luxuries of life instead truly feeding the flock and serving the poor and needy.  Again Lord continue to expose this hypocrisy and deception to that they will either repent or face the consequences of their actions by the judgment they will receive at the foot of the cross!

Lord, we intercede for all those who are hurt and lost because of the exposure that is being shown in the government of the church as we know it.  But we know Lord you cannot pour new wine into old wine skins. Bring us new leadership by men and women who truly know You and walk with You by example of living our the Good News!  Bless and protect these new leaders to stand firm in speaking the Truth and speaking out against the sin that pervades our culture and the mentality of our day!

Lord, just as You brought the storm from a terrible category to depression continue to protect all of our brothers and sisters in the Carolinas and the east coast from loss of life and to rapidly dry out the flooding that has occurred.  Lord, we intercede that anyone who is tempting to be god by manipulating the weather patterns by whatever means be exposed and be brought to swift Justice.  Lord we want to live by Your rule and not man’s intervention into nature for selfish and greedy reasons to control and enslave us.

Lord, we intercede that all of the deep state attack on what President Trump is doing be stopped.  We intercede for the good name and reputation of Judge Kavanaugh that he be placed now on the Supreme Court.  That the debacle of shame they are bringing toward him fall on their own heads.  Enough of this insanity Lord, bring swift justice on those who are standing in the way of the fulfillment of what the prophet has said about the Supreme Court and the replacement that is to take place.  Bring Judge Kavanaugh to the Court as You intend it to be!

Father we give You thanks and praise as the miracles of change in America begin to become more and more evident that it is You Who are doing what You said Your would do as we repent and bow before You.  As we continue to bless and protect Your Land of Israel and partner with those who want Your reign over us in Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven let us see miracles of healing and freedom from captivity in our land.  For this we give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.



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