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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in a spirit of repentance knowing we are sinners, but through Yeshua/Jesus we are a new creation.. Father keep us off the radar of the enemy and keep us hidden from the enemy comprehending the special battle plans You have for us!

Lord, as we end 2017, we want to make sure we repent of anything we have not fully fulfilled.  Make us aware of the areas in which we need to improve so that we become stronger in overcoming any of the enemy’s attacks and tactics to stop us from advancing Your Kingdom here in America and around the world.

Father, bring to Light those areas in our family relationships we need healing and restoration in so that Mercy and Forgiveness wipe away the old and bring in new wine!  Lord, help fathers to use their authority in love to discipline their children.  For fathers to be their as a support and encouragement in each stage of the children’s growth.  To show their children honor and respect for their wives so that then they will honor and respect their mothers.  That mothers will always nurture and teach children the ways of Godly principles in life and to truly honor and respect authority in family life.  As the wife loves her husband—love and respect grow for the love of their fathers.  To live as Yeshua/Jesus showed us true love may each family reflect and imitate His Love for us!

Father, we repent of all the ways that the family as You established in the beginning has been shamed, abused, divided and been perverted.  Lord, may we see stronger ties in families to live as the Holy Family lived!  Lord anoint us with a perception of family life be alive today like never before!

Lord, we intercede for all the families that have been pulled apart through divorce and separation.  Lord we are not here to accuse anyone of wrong doing, we are here to make right those terrible destructive practices and mental abuses that are found in families.  We pray the perversion of homosexuality, gay marriage, gender identity and all other forms of sexual perversion be laid at the foot of the cross of Yeshua/Jesus.  Lord we need more revelation of how beautiful and important family is for the survival of our nation!  O Lord, as we believe to stand for the family more strength will come to America and the Church in our day!

Lord, we intercede for all broken families.  For the brave men and women who are alone raising up their children.  We pray that Your Holy Spirit comforts them and brings them Wisdom and discernment into their families lives, especially those who find themselves alone and challenged by circumstances they have no control over.  Bless them Lord, for the battle they are in that they will see Hope in the midst of their darkest moments.

Father, You love the widow and the orphan and those who are abandoned. Instill in us a love and devotion for all of these wounded warriors to support them  through kind acts and to pray for them daily!

Thank You, Father  for hearing our prayer and unfolding ways and means to strengthen all families, as we repent may our dreams for family bear much fruit in Jesus Name! Amen

Now, Father, I leave in Your Hands my fellow warriors to bring before you their special anointed prayers that they will utter!  Amen!



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