Jan 8, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

          We come to You in a humble contrite spirit seeking to hear Your Voice and to listen and obey Your Commands. Lord first we seek protection from any of the enemy’s means of distracting us or causing any form of interference in this call of prayer.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and deafen the members of his camp who betray and plot evil to overthrow  our American way of walking in freedom to worship You and praise You for all that You have already done and are continuing to do in our day.  Let confusion and chaos and any other form of destruction be in the enemy’s camp and keep us united in prayer, voice and action in following Your Commands.  Lord, we seek complete restoration for each of this Army of Prayer Warriors to walk in Divine Health from any physical or psychological disease we have to walk through.  Make   Your Army strong even as we feel weak knowing YOU are with us and You Will will be done now!

          Father today we want to repent of any form of hardness of heart that may be in us even in areas where we are not of aware of.  Let the Light of the Holy Spirit show us what we must face in ourselves so that we can direct and guide other to repent of any hardness of heart that causes disunity and lack of love for one another! We want our hearts open to love as Your Son, Yeshua, showed us  and to be willing to die to ourselves and become alive to You.

          Father we seek repentance for all of the hardness of heart that is expressed against our President Trump by all those who are opposed to his ways and his agenda that You have place in his heart to lead America.  Lord we seek his protection from all those who have been elected to Congress or in other positions of authority who are set against him and would even seek a way to bring about impeachment or any other obstacle they place in his path of leadership.  Lord, even as he will address the nation today give him the Wisdom and expression to show us the way we should go forwarded in this hour!  That the opposition may see the blindness of their ways and repent and seek reconciliation in all areas where it is possible.  Lord through Your Authority You have given us  we seek that the hardness of heart be stopped and like You did with Pharaoh of old when he his heart gotten hardened even when miraculous and stunning changes took place through the 10 plagues we might see the protection of those who are Your People as of old now in our day.  Even the plague of death had to put a stop to the hardness of heart in that day.  Lord whatever You have planned we seek to be a part of it and open our hearts to follow Your Command now!

          Father, we seek repentance of the hardness of heart that is even among those who call themselves Christians who are twisting and speaking words of  resistance to the prophetic voices of our day.  That Mark Taylor and others who say things that sting but are filled with Truth be up lifted and supported instead of mocked and ridiculed by those who will not see and admit that they are not hearing from You as they claim. Lord that we be given more and more of the gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit to know what is of You and that which is a deception of the enemy.

          Father, unite Your People so that we will have oneness in our Prayer, our Voice and our Action of Faith.  Lord that Your Army You have gathered here will continue to march forward and have no fear of the enemy for greater is He who is in us and than he that is in the world.  For we know that we can do all things through Your Christ who strengthens us and that Your Word will not come back void but will accomplish what You have sent it to do!  We walk by Faith and not emotion or how we feel or what we see.  For You have given us a Hope that moves us forward in spreading of Your Kingdom here in America and all nations that seek Your rule over them!

          Lord we pray special attention to the nations who have hardened their hearts against the nation of Israel that they awaken to the Truth that You bless those who bless Israel and those who curse Israel that curse will come upon them.  Lord that more intervention of Your Word in dreams and visions will continue to change those who truly seek the Light and desire to leave the darkness and that evil forces who hold sway over their nations will see the Mighty Angels who are defeating the enemy and setting more and more free.  Lord it is only in You that we know this comes to pass so we give You all the Gory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving for what You are doing now and into the future!

          We know You are with us Father and we are so grateful for the Love You have poured out on us that we are here to sing Your praises and shout from the roof tops Jesus is Lord!

We know You hear us Father, for we make all this known through Your Son, Yeshua in unity with the Holy Spirit. Amen 



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