Sep 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come in a spirit of repentance to turn from sin, iniquity and rebellion that has been allowed to grow in our land by turning our back and being silent in this great gift You have given us America a

land as You promised Abraham our father in Faith a land where we would be free to worship You without fear and to be a people dedicated to Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  Father we are here to continue the repentance so that our land will be healed.  Lord on this day of remembrance for all who lost their lives this day and who have suffered greatly from that tragic day we seek Your Healing touch and the saving of souls so that Your Son will truly reign in our land as Lord and Savior/Messiah!

Father we want to repent of how the turning away from our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and founding documents has brought us to brink of losing this great Gift of Yours to us.

Now Lord we seek a renewed hunger to examine, learn and know what we have to rule our land.  That our founding fathers and mothers were people of Faith and did their utmost to remain true to the Sacred Scriptures they pondered and prayed over. That they brought forth a government to rule this land based on Faith in Jesus Christ and the true freedom He has won for us!  Lord place in our offices of government men and women of righteousness who will truly defend our Constitution and live in a land where Justice prevails!

Father there is a list of things we want to repent for in our land that need to be faced and returned to Your Way if we are to live as Your Family:

  1. the killing of the unborn: abortion allowed in the land through court approval and written into laws of states like New York, Washington, Illinois and others.  Forgive us Lord and raise up those will change these laws now in our day!
  1. the abuse and perversion of sex through sex trafficking of men women and especially children.  Forgive us Lord and protect those who are doing all they can to rescue and save these wounded ones.
  1. the destruction of the true meaning of marriage as founded in Scriptures: between one man and one woman.  Forgive us Lord for allowing the abomination of homosexual marriage and all the perversions of our day such as transgender to desecrate our children to teach contrary to what You created us to be male and female.  Lord raise up strong defenders of the Truth and those who will teach our children the Truth!
  1. no longer calling us a “Christian nation” that we have been silent too long because of a correctness that is based on fear and a lack of the expression of truth.  Lord forgive us for we are a land because of our following of Jesus Christ and therefore rightfully called Christians or better still the disciples of Jesus Christ!
  1. the perversion of the way our government is to be used to rule us by making us subjects to those who have stolen and abused power to make laws and ruling that bind us and make us a land without You!  The Sacred Scriptures no longer allowed to be taught in school and the hate of those who profess belief in Jesus.  Lord, forgive us for being afraid to speak up and letting our beliefs be a part of our political way of living.

Father as we pray with repentant hearts for our America we do see Your Mighty Power arising in this land to return to our foundation and turning back from the destruction that evil forces have tried to make happen here.  We are so grateful for the spirit of David on our President Trump to rule us in accord with a return to true founding of America.  We stand in the gap to protect him and all those who are aligned and anointed to bring about the Plan You have for us so that Your Kingdom reigns here and we are able to spread it to other nations and people who are hungry to see Your Holy Spirit blow across their land like our brothers and sister in England, Canada, the Netherlands and others who are praying to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth. Heavenly Father thank You for hearing us and bringing forth the healing of our land and bringing to pass those prophetic words given to us by Your Prophets, Mark Taylor and others.  We are here Lord!  Use us and we will obey! We say this in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!   

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