Oct 16, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in a spirit of repentance to admit our faults and failings in the resistance we and others have shown and demonstrated against laws authority in our assembly/church and in our own government here in America!

We know that it is Your loving forgiveness that makes us a new creation in Your Son, Yeshua.  So we walk in confidence know You hear us and forgive us and have special plans to fulfill in our homes & communities in our land!  We are here as Your Army to serve You as our Commander in Chief to spread Your Kingdom across our land and all of the earth!  For we know that all things are made new through Your Son, Yeshua and so our future looks bright with Faith and Hope manifested through Love!!

Lord so we begin at looking at the resistance we find in our own lives toward our own parents and in the family life You have given us!  We repent for the lack of respect and honor that has been in our family life!  We express our love and honor for all who have guided us in to the Way of Truth and Light!

Lord we intercede against all the resistance we find in our assembly/church. First of all the resistance we find in our leaders who are reluctant to hear the prophets You have raised up for such a time as this. Any falsehood or betrayal or degrading statements that have been made toward them we repent.  We honor and respect their willingness to be used of You and to have the boldness of Faith to speak of what You have shown them.  They are Your vessels and so we who are faithful to You hold them in high regard and place a protective shield over them so that they can continue to fulfill the anointing that You have place in their lives!

Lord we intercede for all those who in our assembly are still blind and resist what You have given to us through Your Word!  That turn against Your commands and falsely interpret and twist Your Word to tickle the ears of those who hear them and who speak falsely against those You have anointed to lead us in America!  Lord, let the Truth prevail and remove those who are resistant to Your Plan and teach others to walk in such foolishness!  Lord as Your Army we are ready for You to raise up new leaders and forms to worship You and honor Your Commands as we find them in Your Scriptures You have given us to live our life here on earth to be aligned with Your Reign in Heaven.

Lord we intercede too for those who have been more interested in their own glory and advancement as leaders of Your Flock than adhering to being mindful of the weak and the poor and needy.  Lord we repent of this attitude in our assembly/church. Make us more aware of helping those in need.  Lord right now we intercede for those brothers and sisters who have been devastated by the Hurricane Michael throughout the southeast!  Raise our love and concern to help them and share our offerings for their well being during a time of loss!  Lord that Your assembly do its work instead of always waiting for someone else to do what we are called to do!

Lord, we intercede in repentance for all the resistance we see against the lawful authority of those who serve us to protect us and keep us safe.  All the resistance against those who sacrifice in serving in the military and law enforcement and those we know as first responders like firemen and rescue workers.  Lord that we will have a change in attitude so that we are more law abiding instead of lawless as is promoted by those who want to destroy America instead of respecting the great Gift You have given us!

We repent of any resistance expressed either verbally or in action against President Trump and all who serve with him to make America safe and have us restored to our rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Lord we intercede against all those who resist to live by our Constitution and laws based on it.  Lord we intercede for those who resist to integrate and become one as American citizens that their eyes be opened to what it meas to be law abiding citizen and that there is no other law here but our laws.  That we are here to live in peace with one another respecting our differences but living as brothers and sisters in America where we worship the True God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob Who sent His Son Yeshua.  It is the way we were founded in the beginning and it is what we pray will continue for future generations to come.

Lord we say enough resistance now!  So that we can truly become a united country again that is under Your Rule!  We continue to intercede and to repent for any form of resistance and know in unity we will see this reform take place in America as You have planned for us.  We make our prayer in the Name of Yeshua! Amen!




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