May 12, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

On this day of repentance we seek Your special protection to keep us off the enemy’s radar and bring confusion into the enemy’s camp so that through exposure of their evil practices there will be Light to blind their eyes.  Let this Light so expose the enemy’s evil practice of shedding innocent blood in secret places such as caves, hidden chambers in their homes, buildings and underground in tunnels and other caverns.

Lord, especially today do we declare repentance to bring such evil practices to the Light that is even taking place in our land of America by the elites found in government and even in so call churches of Satan.  Break this evil off of us  here and everywhere it is practiced!  Lord, our repentance is first for us Your Army of Warriors who have in any way been neglectful of speaking our against it, or have blinded ourselves to the Truth of this evil or in any way been involved in it through our past generations or family ties in anyway!  Lord, we seek to stop this now in Yeshua’s Name!  We want it destroyed and all who are involved in this practice in any way be brought to Judgment.  That means all those who call themselves elite, Illuminati, masons, or any secret society involved in this blood shed!

Lord, forgive us for not speaking out sooner to save the lives of innocent children who are swept away by pedophilia, sex trafficking all forms of sexual perversion and the evil practice of blood sacrifice through satanic worship.  Lord we cry out because of the innocent blood that is being shed even now in our day.  Lord we renounce this in Yeshua’s name!  We cry out: Stop it Now! In Yeshua’s Name!

Father, reveal this evil and expose those who practice this evil practice of shedding the innocent  blood of the children and drinking the blood of these sacrifices to obtain adrenochrome!  The practice of scaring the children then sacrificing them for their blood so that they will have the key to long life.  Lord raise up righteous men and women who will fight, prosecute and break this evil practice from our land!

We seek protection for President Trump and all those aligned with him to expose and destroy these evil practices.  Lord, we know abortion is evil and want it stopped, but this is even worse than that as the murder of innocent children in hidden chambers must be stopped now!  Lord, destroy the army of the enemy and may they fall on their own swords of destruction!

Lord, we put a shield of protection around all the children of our land.  Every child is precious to You and to us.  We place the Blood of Yeshua over our nation, over our children right now!  We know Life is in the blood and You have commanded us to do nothing with anything thing with blood!  Lord, what You hate we hate!  Right now touch each of us in Your Army gathered here to be safe from harm and yet at the same time let more volunteer to do all we can to stop these evil practices by prayer and fasting and putting out Faith into action!

Thank you, Father for the strong leadership You have anointed in President Trump and all those who are working with him in ridding our land of such evil practices.  Lord that you put special protection on our law enforcement of men and women who deal with this type of evil everyday!  Lord, we are grateful for out Faith and the strength to move forward to stop evil and all these evil practices. Practices that bring evil to our children and those who are weak and vulnerable.   Lord, in Yeshua we embrace these sacred ones You have brought to us our healing and restoration to righteousness and purity of Life!

In all that we find victory in we give You all the glory, honor and praise in Yeshua’s name! Amen!


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