Aug 12, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Protect us on this day of repentance.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep open our lines of communication so that there will be no interference from the enemy either electronically or any noise or distractions or our attention so that we can concentrate on You.  Lord, we place ourselves, our time and all that we are in Your Hands as we are united in spirit as Your Father are with Your Son, Yeshua in unity with the Holy Spirit.  Thank You Father for this time to be spent with You and to be hidden under the shadow of Your Wing!

Father, on this day of repentance we come against the spirit of rebellion and resistance to all lawful and proper authority.  We confess any rebellion and resistance that is in our hearts, our homes, our relationships and all that we have done in the past as well as to this present moment.  Lord, help us root out what is in us so that we can intercede for our nation and its people! As we repent we know we are washed clean by the Blood of Yeshua so that we are made holy and set apart to be Warriors in this hour and now we intercede for others!

Father, we repent for all those who hold onto rebellion and resistance in our assemblies.  Yes our churches, Lord.  We intercede for all the pastors and church leaders and church members who stir up rebellion and resistance to what You are doing in our land through those You have anointed for such a time as this.  Lord in this hour we cast down and out all who are rebellious and resistant and who spread to others this iniquity.  May they recognize today the opportunity to repent and change their ways by Your Grace and Mercy.  Lord that there will be more of us who will align with Your Plans for this time!

Lord, we are interceding for those who call themselves Christians who are blind and refuse to see the anointing You have place on President Trump and other who are our true leaders into righteousness.  Those too who persecute our prophets, like Mark Taylor, who do not see what You are saying through them as they speak of Your positive plan for us instead of doom and gloom and hiding to wait for a rapture out of here.  Lord remove the blinders and if they will not repent then we leave them in Your Hands that Justice will prevail.

Father, through repentance we intercede for all those who spread rumors and lies about what is going on in America and how we are changing and getting a new start again to renew and restore all that has been lost or stolen by the enemy.  Lord those in the media and have access to voicing through the media in all its forms in television and the internet who lie and deceive us may b they be silence and be crushed in ways that will make them face what they are doing to harm America.  Lord, we speak in the authority of Yeshua  that no more will we  support or give way to these lies!  No more fake news, but true news!  Lord protect those who are doing their best to get out the Truth and inspiring others to take up the mantle of Justice in our day.  May more righteous men and women be bold to take up those positions that promote the Truth!

Lord we come against all that is making a mockery for the authority that President Trump and other in his administration are using to correct the wrongs of the past and doing their best to insure our freedoms and to re-establish law and order.  Lord we especially intercede for our major cities that undergoing turmoil with violence and destruction like in Chicago, Seattle and other major metropolitan areas!  May rebellion and resistance cease now in Yeshua’s name!

Lord we intercede for all those who call themselves never-Trumpers or promote socialism and all sorts other false ideas that are not found in Your Scriptures! Or those who promote globalism and a new world order for religion and government. Lord, we declare over America to be free from this spirit of rebellion and resistance now in Yeshua’ Name!  Amen.


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