Apr 11, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As Your children we seek Your Protection from all the evil plots and intentional distractions of the enemy during this sacred time with you!  Let Your Hand cover us so that the enemy’s radar will not be able to see or hear what we are doing before You.  Let the enemy suffer the losses intended for us and that he loose his grip on all that he has stolen from us I our land and the land of Israel.

All that is sacred to You we desire to honor and respect it too!  Lord give us the vision to see as You see Your Plan unfolding in our life time.  Strengthen us, Lord to resolve to follow Your Commands as we march as Your Army into battle and that in our hearts we have confidence that victory is our because of Your Blessed Assurance!

Lord, we recognize that we have been grafted into Your Family.  Because of our believing and accepting we are now a part of the Tribe of Judah and apart of Your Israel.  We know form a new people where there is no Jew or Gentile, but one new man in Yeshua, the Messiah.

Lord, on this day we repent of our treatment of the land of Israel and Your people who brought us the3 Messiah, Yeshua!  We repent as You Church of all the hatred, ridicule and evil treatment of Your land and its people.  Father, You have seen through the centuries how Your church has been so disrespectful to Your original chosen people.  Even how some of our great leaders of the past have even written and preached against Your chosen ones.  We seek forgiveness so that we can show them that Yeshua, is the Messiah they long to know.  You said You would never leave or forsake us and that means them too!  There are so many atrocities of the past in our lineage we repent and divorce ourselves from it in this moment. Now with humble, contrite hearts we see to be a bridge to unite us as Yeshua had prayed and desired for.  Thank You for putting in our hearts a love for these lost brothers and sisters. May this day as we repent be a day that the strong bond between America and Israel be firmed up and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Father as Americans, we also repent for our government which also has a history of mistreatment, ridicule and hate for the people we call Jews, which is really the Tribe of Judah.  Lord forgive us for the past in missed opportunities of reaching out to help and protect Your chosen people of whom Yeshua is one!  Lord now as a nation we have the opportunity to unite with the plan You have spoken of through Your prophets in our day.  Prophets like Mark Taylor, Hank Kummmen and others that have said now is the time for America and Israel be as one in all our ventures to make this a better world.  Thank You, Father for giving us President Trump and all who are united with him to strengthen the bonds between us!  Through our repentance open our eyes to see as You see Your Plan unfold.

Bless the people of Israel and their land to open their eyes to see the Messiah and accept Yeshua as their Lord and King!  Lord, during this time open the eyes of our President and all leaders that the land of Israel and Jerusalem are sacred to You That no on is to divide it and it has the Blood of Messiah on it!  May in the land of Israel a spiritual movement take place that there be such a hunger for Yeshua the Messiah take place in the land of Israel!

Thank You, Father for opening our eyes to see as You see that we are one in the spirit and show others the Love of Yeshua dominates our lives and that we proclaim the Kingdom of God is here!  In Yeshua’s Name.  Amen

Special Notes: That President Trump have the Wisdom to know what to do in Syria! Protection for President and his family that they be not affect by the evil pressure of the deep state and others who are trying to destroy what President Trump was anointed to do and to stop a 2 state solution! That the issues of the DOJ and the FBI be brought to a moment of cleansing and purging of all this evil in its structure  and its staff!

Thank You Father, for hearing us and answering our prayers in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!


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