Sep 12, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As your repentant children. We come before You on a day when Your beloved America remembers a tragic day in our history that has a burning effect on us for the past 17 years.  Also how this day has been used by our enemies to continue to harass us by violence.  Lord we ask for a new perspective for this day that we are not to celebrate the death of our brothers and sister but to focus on life and eternal life to come! Lord, that we will see everything from the perspective of what Your Son, Yeshua has done for us that changes death into life.

Your Son, Yeshua, suffered the tragedy of death as an innocent man, who was made out to be a criminal, who was lied about, mistreated, abused and falsely accused of being an enemy of the government!  We celebrate His Death only in Light of what He did for us through His Resurrection: a new life and a different perspective of living.  Yeshua walked into death to rescue us to bring us freedom in a new life as He overcame the world.  He healed the sick, raised the dead, open the eyes of the blind and set the captives free as He revealed the Good News of a new Life as You, Father, had planned it from the beginning.

Father, change our perspective that death has no sting and Love won and always wins and we are here to always choose Life over death.  For us to see that those who choose to bring about this tragedy chose death over life. That this plan was of the evil one choosing to kill, steal and destroy.  That the men and women who choose to walk into the tragedy were there to choose life by walking in to rescue others.  This was the ultimate test as we know laying down one’s life for sake of another is like Jesus who choose to die so that we could live and to rescue us from the world of sin and death.  Those who chose this evil action chose death over life.  So we remember the righteous walking into the fiery furnance have actually chosen life, giving their life to rescue another.

Lord, we are here to silence the enemy’s approach to death in our land. Through our repentance we seek and end to the culture of death as we see politicians and other popular speakers to voice choosing abortion, sexual perversion in all its forms.  Saying right is wrong and wrong is right. Enough of their yelling against the righteous men and women who are rescuing others from this deceit.  Lord continue to expose the foolishness of the ungodly as they proudly proclaim to choose death over life!

Lord, continue to protect our President Trump and all the other righteous men and women who are aligned with him.  Continue to awaken us to the fact that there is real change in America back to law and order.  We proclaim Justice to rule over us and all those who have been treasonous and deceptive be brought to bear the punishment they justly deserve.

Lord, we stand in repentance clothed in the robe of righteousness to proclaim we choose life over death and we are one with Your Son, Yeshua, our Messiah that as has been prophesied we will see Roe v. Wade overturned and other forms of perversion stopped and overturned as they are causes of death and not life! We proclaim that the family with a mother and father committed in love is what matters in life!  We proclaim and decree that true loyalty and faithfulness to one another is in imitation of Your Son, Yeshua, and our standard of living.

We pray and intercede that our elections will be a sign of our change towards righteousness.  That we will awaken to how the Holy Spirit is now moving across our land in changing our laws and returning to the true following of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence following what Your Sacred Scriptures have shown us from the beginning.  Let Your Will be done in America!

We pray this in Yeshua’s Name Amen!



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