Oct 31, 2019

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            This is the day that You have made so we rejoice in it and thank You for the Gift of Life and all that You have planned for us.  We are here Lord, to do battle as You have assigned us to do this day. We seek Your Protection against all the attacks of the enemy and that all that is brought against us will fall and the camp of the enemy will be overwhelmed by Your Mighty Angels driving them back to the pit of hell from which they came.  Lord during this time when the enemy wants to gain power through false worship of him may they hear only the crackling of the flames of destruction to all their plans and see that with Name of Jesus they tremble before us and nothing can overcome us for You are in us and we are Yours through the Blood of Jesus and so we have nothing to fear for we are anointed to shine in Your Glory in this day!

            Father, we repent of having foolishly given the enemy an image that is not true.  Foolishly seeing him in our imagination as godlike and having all of these magic powers that will overcome us. You are the only True God and there is none like You.  Lord we are so foolish we watch and make all these movies and create images of how strong the devil is and yet Your Word tells us that Your Son, Yeshuah has over come the enemy and even as Paul tells us the works of the evil ones are as nothing in comparison to Your Glory and the Great Love You have shown through Your Son who makes us a new creation and gives us an anointing that the demons run from and shake in their boots when they see and hear us say the Name of Jesus.  Lord awaken us even stronger today that this making Halloween some evil day is not tha this is Your Holy time for us to live and be doers of the Word!

            Father forgive us for letting witchcraft influence in any way or make us frightened for if we truly believe then perfect love does cast out fear.  That we walk under an anointing that frees the captive and brings Your Glory into our midst and fills us with all the blessings we need and strengthens us to march in victory in every battle we are involved in that we are the head and not the tail and that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

            Father we repent of allowing us to listen to gossip, slander and words of hate, mockery and disrespect of others in our family, our community our friends and all those we know and respect as leaders who even though weak are made strong because of Your anointing on them and that You have prepared them to bring Your Will into life today!  Lord  silence the media and all who spread this cancerous talk even about our President and what You have assigned him to do in this hour.  May the rot that they are involved in choke off any attempt at stopping what You have ordained our President and those who are aligned with him to do.   Lord we proclaim Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

            Father, we especially want a special protective covering over our children and that You would continue to expose all those who are involved in child trafficking and all forms of ritualistic torture of children and all the evil practices that are a part of the lifestyle of those we call rich and famous and are a part of the entertainment industry.  Lord let Justice reign and that they be punished for these crimes and the choices they make to promote evil and call good bad and bad good.  Lord Your Army here is proclaiming victory over them and that Truth will prevail and we will again be the land of Liberty and Justice for all under Your Reign as our King of kings and Lord of Lords.  Lord children are Your sacred

gift and trust You place in our hands so Father we are here to raise them up to know You and to walk in the steps of Your Son, Jesus bringing Love, Peace and Joy into this world so that we are ready to dwell with You as You have originally planned it and is now restored in Jesus Your Son and our Redeemer!

            Thank You Father for listening to our heart felt prayers and we know that all that raised up before You today is heard and answered according to Your Will as we love You with all that is in us  from our heart to Yours in the Name of Your Son Jesus and united as one in the Holy Spirit and so it is Amen!

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