Jun 21, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We call You, ABBA, for that is what You are to us and want us to recognize, You are the DADDY we all need and want in our lives no matter how old we are.  To know You this intimately is our goal.  To trust You with all our burdens, hurts and pains, our joys and blessings that You want us in Your Arms as Your children.  Oh, Father what a privilege to our God Who is Almighty and All-Powerful loves us like a dad is awesome and beyond our comprehension.  We are too feeble sometimes to realize it but it is the Truth and Yeshuah, Your Son proved it and shows how it is true, even when He said let the children come to me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Here we are Lord!

Lord as we pray, we know we are under the shadow of Your Wings and we have nothing to fear from our enemy.  We believe we are kept off the enemy’s radar and kept from his sight because of the Shield of Faith around us.  Continue to scramble the enemy’s frequencies so that we only hear the sound of Your Voice in the stillness of hearts.  Thank You, Father, for this sacred time of unity that we are here to follow Your Commands and do as You ask us to do!

Father as repentant children we are here to release all of our past that has been filled with sin, rebellion and iniquity and all that we have done to others and what has been done to us.  Because of Your Son, Yeshuah we are set free and we are free indeed.  Through the Holy Spirit we know we can walk into all truth as He reveals it to us.  Lord, we are so grateful that we are washed clean of our past and now are a new creation in Christ Jesus!  We stand ready to be sent and be present for all You have planned for us! 

Father, because of our repentant actions we see that You are healing our land of America and other nations who like us are remembering to repent and that You hear from heaven and heal the land!  We seek Lord the fulfillment of Your word spoken to us through Your Prophet, Mark Taylor that our Judicial system is to be cleansed.  That we will see our Supreme Court will be revamped by having new Justices in place. Let it happen even now as we pray! 

Father, we seek more removal of Judges who have been influenced by the bribe to make way for the righteous men and women willing to serve Justice and live by the rule of law that is established by our Constitution.  Lord from the high courts to the low courts.  Protect President Trump in His decisions and all those who are willing to accept the responsibility of being fair and just in their rendering judgments.  Protect Judge Paul Patrick and others who have made decisions that are right and true.  Lord put a stop to all these foolish plots to overturn just decisions. 

May cases built on false accusations, lies, deceit and gossip be thrown out!  That we can truly live by innocent until proven guilty.  That trials by jury can truly be held in righteousness and seeking the truth!  That our Justice system will continue to be cleansed and returned to its proper functioning in our government and in our lives as Americans!

Father, for too long we have been deceived and lied to about how we are to live and to be controlled by those who call themselves elite, Illuminati, masons, globalists, and other masters of our world.  We cover all those who are willingly revealing the Truth no matter what the cost. It is the Truth that sets us free! For too long Lord we have been taught lies even by those who say they are teachers of Your Word.  May they all face the consequences of what they impose on us as a form of controlling and limiting our freedoms. 

We are a free people in Yehsuah our Lord and Savior and as we are restored may we pass it on to our children and into the future.  We trust You Lord. You are the source of all that we have and have been given.  Thank You for remaking America a land of the free and a home of the brave to be a land of Promise and freedom to worship You without fear in spirit and truth!

Father as we see more and more exposure of those who have been involved with sex trafficking and child abuse of all kind may they all face the consequences of these abominations.   That we will see the Hammer of Justice continue to fall and that proper punishment be given to this atrocious behavior. Put them in the penitentiary they deserve and as it was originally designed to be a place of repentance and restitution for evil done to others! 

Let Justice prevail as we see it being handed down even in this day to those who have been proven guilty of allowing this perversion to exist.  Lord, Your People rejoice that our land is being cleansed daily because our prayers and actions that show You we mean what we say and say what we mean.  Thank You, Lord, for the Holy Spirit who gives us the discernment we need in our day! Thank You Lord it is happening!  All Glory and honor be Yours forever and ever. Amen!

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