Nov 14, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

as Your children we come to be under Your Protective Arm to seek Your protection and guidance during these days of unrest and times of the evil plots and schemes against our President and America.  Keep us protected from the radar of the enemy and all his evil forces who divide and extort this nation and its people.  Lord that true righteousness and respect and honor for the great gift You have given us in America be our prayer!

Lord, in this moment of repentance and prayer keep us off the enemy’s radar and may the confusion and chaos he attempts through on us be kept in his own camp.  Let good men and women arise to defend and protect all that is right and honorable in our Constitution and the laws of this land through service  from our military to law enforcement and fire and rescue.

Lord, on this day we make special effort to honor and respect those whom we call veterans who have served and even now serving in some capacity to make America a land free and righteous before You!  Father we repent of all the disrespect and humiliation we have heaped on those who have served so bravely and honorably.  We repent of the lack of giving them proper treatment for their physical and mental wounds and and the loss of limbs to so many other disorders.

Especially those soldiers who returned from such conflicts as in Vietnam and other areas of service both foreign and domestic! Lord they have been mocked  because they were obedient and followed orders as they are required.  Lord these our brothers, sisters and friends of our own.  Forgive us Lord and may we restore to them proper recompense for their service!

Today, Father, we lift up to you all those who have served in our military,  Those who were willing to run into the battle in harm’s way to defend America and all that it stands for.  These brave men and women have served to bring freed om to others from tyranny and evil oppression and horrible living conditions!  Father, we salute their sacrifices both bodily and mentally and also the sacrifices of their families,during their times of deployment often o thousands of mile away.  Protect our military even now as your men and women volunteer to serve and protect us!

Father, we also place before you all the men and women who have and are now serving in law enforcement and fire and rescue.  Father, they too need our honor and respect because they are willing to sacrifice their lives and their families to be able to serve and protect us. May they too be under the shadow of Your Wings as they face the dangers of this world and that their families will be safe ans filled with hopeful expectation of their safe return each day from their duties!  Give those who are serving now Wisdom and discernment in the challenges they endure on our streets and in the hallways of the buildings they must walk through to protect and serve others.

Father we pray especially for those who serve the President as a protective shield from any of those who want to harm him or put him out office.  Thee members of the secret service are under great stress Lord so we place them in Your Hands that they will be willing to sacrifice life for his life.  May their families too be protected and shielded from any repercussions from the enemy.  Lord continue to protect our President and all who serve with him as he is now before world leaders, often in front of those who hate what he represents and believes in his heart to do for the betterment of America.  Wake these leaders up to hear the truth and to seek You above all else.

We give You glory honor and praise in Yeshua’s Name Amen!

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