Jul 24, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Today we truly come in a spirit of repentance for all the blasphemy that is in the land.  Lord, forgive all the use of language that is abusive to one another and especially to all that You hold sacred. Lord, we face rebellion in parts of our land that needs to be overcome and stopped!  Lord renew in our hearts to speak blessing instead of curing.  That we will do our part to change and alter things that are in our power to do.  Especially in our own homes and communities.   To speak words of encouragement and upliftment to our children and ant to those we love and cherish.  Lord You have given such power to us to speak and our words are powerful to create or destroy.  Lord put a seal of Your Love on our lips so that the words we declare and speak will create as You do to make our nation again a nation that proclaims Jesus is Lord!

Father, we stand in the gap for the youth of our nation.  That we as mothers and fathers will return to our proper position of teaching our children to stand for Justice and Truth.  That we do not have to riot to seek change but to use what we have given as a nation Rights to speak the Truth and to take action by the use of our vote to take out of office those who do not follow Your Laws O Lord.  We intercede for our brothers and sister in cities like Chicago, LA,  and others where leadership has failed to serve and protect and to use proper authority to stop the chaos. Lord, it is so plain to see that when we take these things down spiritually then there is a change in the natural.  The spirit runs parallel to the natural!  So in the authority Jesus has given us we speak to the spirits of evil around us that the Blood of Jesus covers our land now and they tremble before Him! Lord we strike at the root of this rebellion and let the convicting power of the Holy Spirit have His way in our land.

Lord continue to give President Trump, AG Barr and those who serve in law enforcement protection as they face the criminals and those intent on destruction of the nation.  That we will see the Hammer of Justice fall on all who will not repent or change their attitude of treason and betrayal.   Lord we stand for respect and honor for law and order just as You have shown us in Your Sacred Scriptures.

You have always protected Your people when they were obedient to Your Commands and destroyed  their enemies who would not surrender to Your way.   Lord in this hour we seek righteousness rule the land and those who will not be made to suffer the consequences of their choices.  Lord for too long we have been silent and cowered in our pews but no longer Lord, Your Army is here to push back against these evil forces.  Release Your Holy Angels to stand with us in this battle to save America and nations that You have destined to stand with us to over throw the evils of our day through the isms that destroy us.  Lord that more of us will see supporting anything or anyone who blasphemes Christianity is truly an enemy that needs to be stopped and told No More.  Lord, Your people are crying out here in this very moment so we want  America  to be a land under Your reign and to live by the Biblical principles our nation was founded on.  Yes, Lord, man is weak and we often sin, miss the mark but heart is with You and so we know Your will answer and continue to move across the land and as Your Prophet Mark and others have spoken the corrupt will see Justice in our day!  Praise You, Lord!

Father, pray in repentance that even among those who call themselves followers of Your Son, Jesus there are blasphemous words in our midst: where we express hatred of one another because of a denominational difference, one is Catholic, one is Protestant. If we call unto You Lord Jesus You do not see us the way we see one another.  Tat we may clear up the misunderstandings and the hatred we have allowed to rule in our hearts. That even here in our midst there is only One we worship and serve and proclaim God is our Father, Jesus is His Son and the Holy Spirit is the bond of love over us. Thank You God for Your everlasting Kindness to rule in us for we love You and in loving You we are in a circle that is everlasting and sets us free to live in Peace and harmony with you Lord now and forever! Amen!

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