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Heavenly Father,

we come to Your throne through Faith in Yeshua-Jesus!  We seek Divine Protection from all the forces of evil around us!  May this sacred time together be filled with Your Divine Presence that blocks all the snares and traps of the enemy and that we are taken off the enemy’s radar and that the enemy has no means to interfere with us!

Father we come to you with grateful hearts realizing that our life is sacred to You because we have all been brought at a great price the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua, Jesus the Christ!  We see through Faith that our very lives have been woven together from the past to this present moment by the Sacred Touch of Your Hand which draws us together as one to worship, honor, love & obey You, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!  You are the Lord of Lords!

Father we are grateful that You have given us this nation to be used as a haven for Your Word and launching pad for the spread of the Good News!  We are grateful that we live in a land where freedom is cherished and we have opportunity  to live in brotherly and sisterly service to one another as we witness through the first responders when tragedy hits like in Las Vegas and around our nation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico!  We are grateful to be able to see Your Mighty Hand changing America back to being one nation under You the True God!  A nation that again shines as a light on a mountain top showing other nations that there is no God like our God!  You are the Master and Ruler of the our world and universe we live in!  You have given us the opportunity to spread the Good News to all nations as we stand for You!

Father, we bring before You all of our brothers and sisters who are hurting and devastated by the circumstances around them: recovering from storms & tragedies of the loss of life and the wounded both physically and emotionally  We ask for boldness and compassion to  serve one another and bring the needs of others to our hearts to care for them through the sacrifices we can make for them!  Father fulfill all their needs as we share what you have given us as blessings to bless others!

We pray Father, that brotherly and sisterly love will rise up in America to turn back the hate and demonic influences in our culture, our entertainment and our education and judicial systems! Strengthen our voice to speak out against those who are hell bent to destroy America and its Sacred Christian traditions so that we will fulfill the two Great commandments;  to love You and love our neighbor as we love ourselves!  Thank You, Father, for allowing us to see when we care for others in need we are indeed fulfilling  what You created us to live in love, denying ourselves, dying to selfishness and living in the image of Your Son, Yeshua-Jesus!

Father, bless all my  brothers and sisters on this call and who are united with us in spirit even if they do not speak up  now or cannot physically be with us!  Strengthen our Faith, give us boldness in our speech in proclaiming the Good News to those who are lost and hurting in our land, America! Bless each one to walk in Divine Hope and Divine Health in Jesus-Yeshua’ Name! Amen!


Feast of Tabernacles 2017: read the gospel of John chapters 7 & 8, Deut. 16; Lev. 23, Isa 9

Be grateful for answered prayers!

Show God how grateful you are for His Son who came to dwell among us  John 1/15

We see how temporary everything is and it is the spirit that lasts forever!

This is a time to be re-connected to God

Be thankful for your whole life, even the mistakes and our shady past because of our Faith in

Yeshua it has been forgiven and now we can see the whole plan of God even our mistakes

were steps to learn from!

Change yoru thinking and the whole world changes!

Have lemons make lemonade!

All things can turn for good who love the Lord



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