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Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before You seeking to do Your Will and to be molded into the image of Your Son, Yeshua!  Protect us under the shadow of Your Wings!  Remove us from the radar of the enemy and keep his camp filled with confusion and unrest, so that Your Plans for us will move forward and we will see the victories You have in store for us!

Father, we ask a special blessing and protection for President Trump as he address the nation tonight. Give him the proper words and expression to bring unity to America and also give You honor & glory because it all stems from You!  You have blessed our President and his administration in this time.  What will unfold in the days ahead is because of Your Holy Spirit blowing across them land to change and alter the old into the new!  May all American awaken to the fact that it is because of You America is again rising to take its proper place in the world.  Continue to shine Your Light in the darkness around us so that more and more will awaken that all these blessings and change flow from Your Mighty Hand!

Let the unmasking of the evil plots against our nation continue to expose and convict those who have been in denial and betrayal of our laws and way of life be brought to justice!  May their power and position be brought low before us!  Bless Attorney General Jeff Sessions and all loyal Justice department workers have the boldness and tenacity to pursue Justice and rule in the system with Wisdom and Guidance from t Your Holy Spirit!  May they have the boldness to stop all evil programs designed to over throw America and especially all those who have had a part in trying to plot against our President and the agenda You have bestowed on him to accomplish.  Truth and Righteousness will prevail!

Father, make us recognize all that we have comes from You!  The blessings on us and this Nation are all from You!  May we be more aware that without You we can do nothing but with You all things are possible!

Father that You Holy Spirit hover over us as He did over the children of Israel when You opened the Red Sea for Your people to escape when there seemed no other  way to escape the Egyptian army!

Now Lord show us Your Miraculous Power as You sweep over the enemy and defeat and destroy them in a sea of their own confusion!

Lord give us a clear vision of what You want us to do in the days ahead!  That we remain calm in trusting You and know that now weapon formed against us will prosper!  That Your Plans for us are for great good!  We give You all the glory and honor and Praise!

May we hunger only for the Truth and seek those who are honest in their reporting to us what is happening in America.  Let those who walk by Faith in You lead us!

Father thank You for shielding us all on this call and listen to my brothers and sisters as they continue this intercession.



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