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Heavenly Father,

Release Your Warrior Angels to cover us with Your Divine Protection!  Let Your Holy Spirit guide us into all Truth, making us aware of the plans of the enemy.  Then give us the strength and boldness of Truth to defeat the enemy in all of the schemes and plots nd temptations that lead us away from Your Divine Plan for us! Father silence the enemy’s words of distraction and tactics of evil as the enemy tries to stop us! We are here to defend our Faith in You and to battle in Your Army to spread Your Kingdom in America and around the world!  Thank You, Father for loving us by the great sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

Father today we intercede against the evil influence of the use of money in our lives!  We repent of any feelings of fear, jealousy, greed and covetousness that we have in our minds and imagination!  We stand in Faith, Lord and declare and decree that we trust in You and Your Divine Providence to take care of all of our needs as Your holy Family! Thank You for providing for us the necessay finances that will help us spread Your Kingdom and walk in the Abundant Life that You have given us through Your Son!  He taught us to trust You for providing for everything we need, because You know when a bird falls or the exact number of the hairs on our head!

Father, in the authority Your Son has given us, we bind all the evil uses of blood money that promotes death through abortion, sexual perversion,, homosexuality and all that is used for the destruction of the family and all the divisions by skin color or ethnic backgrounds.  For Lord, we are one nation made up of many peoples but as followers of Your Son we have 1 Faith, 1 Baptism, 1 Spirit, 1Hope & 1 Love to honor and respect Your Commands for us to live in Peace and Harmony as Your Word says: “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to sit peacefull together.” (Psalm 133/1)

Lord continue to expose the evil plans of those who live by power and might through the worship of Mammon.  Expose those among us who deceive us and lie to us because of the taking of bribes and all forms of blood money to spread darkness over our land and  destroy the hearts of our innocent chidren and the youth of our day!  Lord, we say Stop! To all those in our government who use money as their god instead of honoring and worshipping You Father!

Lord release Your Warrior Angels to stop the flow of money through those who promote a one world order, one world religion, one world government all based on the intent to spread the kingdom of darkness.  Bring  all of this corruption to be exposed by the Light of Jesus the Christ, Your Son and our Redeemer!

Lord, there are so many caught up in the worship of mamon, like George Soros, the Clintons, people in positions of authority and all of their organizations.  We bind them all in the Name of Jesus to either repent or be washed away into the darkness you promote!

Father continue to expose those in government and its bureaurcacies who are following mamon instead of worshiping You Father.  Continue to expose the corruption and raise up good men and women who will defeat them and bring them to Justice through the efforts of such men, as Jeff Sessions and his Department of Justice.  Have we the People elect and support these righteous ones in the days we are in now!

Lord keep us from the feelings of fear of money, the jealousy of what others have, the greed of selfishness and coveting the goods of others.  May Your Holy Spirit convict us of sin and  any weakness we have toward the god of money!  We repent so that You will give us a true and enduring vision of the proper use of money and the willingness of the heart to bless the poor, the widow and the orphan through Faith, Hope and Love!

Thank You, Father for all that You have blessed us with this land and its prosperity.  We know all blessings flow from You, so we worship You, we glorify You as our Heavenly Father! Thank You, Father from Whom all blessing flow to us your creatures here bleow! In Jesus Name we Thank You for blessing these Your Warriors united here on this call!  Bless them with Divine Health and provide for all their needs!

Thank You, Father for taking our nation out of debt and puttin us on the right track to follow Your Plan of prosperity for us! Thank You, Father for putting in our hands the power to prosper so that we may take care of the poor, the widow and the orphan by clothing the naked, healing the sick, visiting the captive and tending to all of our brothers and sisters in Your Name!

We pray in the Name of Jesus the Christ, Your Son and our Redeemer who has purchased at a great price! Amen!


Prayer Focus: Whom do you serve God or Mamon?  Seek God instead of money or riches!

+come against those who serve money above the God we love and adore!

+politicians who serve through selfish motives of money instead of serving we the People

+judges who are in position because of getting money instead of bringing honest Justice in the

cases they preside over!

+media that is controlled by the bottom line instead of exposing the Truth and properly in-

forming us of what is going on in our goveernment and other areas of influence!

+abortion is based on money: how much for body part of infants?

+law enforcement that is corrupted by bribes etc.

+the wasted money in the military complex that is used against the people instead of protection!

  • the Church leaders that pursue money more than the God they say they serve and their lack of trust in Divine Providence!
  • Families driven apart over money
  • nations ruled by greed and corruption!
  • George Soros, the Clintons, etc promoting the kingdom of darkness: rich vs. poor
  • fear of money: not having enough or loosing what we have! The heart vs. money



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