Mar 28, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You with humble and contrite hearts knowing You know everything about us and yet still You have chosen us to be Your Army of Prayer Warriors.  We are truly grateful for all that You have done for us through Your Son, Yeshuah! We bring to You today our hearts so that we will hear Your Word to us and we are here to fall Your Battle Plans for today!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep our lines of communication open so that we will be united in spirit and pray with one voice and our prayers will be turned into action as Your Holy Spirit leads and guides us!

Father just as You protected Your People out of Egypt led by Moses through the Red Sea lead us too in freedom through the Red Sea of the corruption, lies, treasonous and destructive ways of the Deep State, the Globalists, the Illuminati and all other secret organizations whose only goal is to destroy America and bring all mankind under their rule for Satan.  Lord You have given us the prophetic word that this is not to be so.  So Lord we seek Justice to fall on these enemies and what they have planned and plotted against us will come crashing down on them and any of those who have pledge their allegiance to them.   So that Lord, just as Your People were led on dry land through the sea so to us Lord and let the seas engulf them just as You did the army of Pharaoh of old.  May our enemies be scattered nd fall on their own swords so that Your People can live in Peace and Security with You as our only and true God!

Father, continue to give strength and wisdom to President Trump in his time of leadership in our nation and even in the nations of the earth. That Lord he will continue to strike down our enemies  whether it be in finances or efforts of war efforts against us.. Lord he has proclaimed that he is here to protect us and restore America to the land You established it to be.  Lord keep the enemy and any evil plots planned against him whether it be a threat to his life or any member of his family’s lives.  We stand as an Army of Protection in the spirit around him so that he can continue to move us forward.  Bring to him all the resources he needs and righteous men and women who have the same vision for America.  Let Justice be the rule over America now!

Father, bring to a close all the mouths of those who speak out against him to shame him or bring forth lies about him.  Lord begin a move of Justice against all the media that continue to tell lies and report that which is fake over that which is the Truth.  Raise up Your people who will buy out these forms of media so that we can have true journalists and  other who will truly report the Truth.  Lord bring a Sword of Justice down on the lies and deceit and make more and more American awake to what needs to be done and have theart and determination to do it!

Father, even those among us right now of Your Army that are called to lead and to step into positions of leadership have them encouraged and given the fire to get off their behind and run to the front line.  Lord raise up those who are called to lead us in house gatherings of worship, those who will walk with boots on the ground our neighborhoods, our cities, towns and countryside to reclaim and proclaim that this land is Your Kingdom now and we will hold this territory for You until You come!

Father, give bravery, boldness and a willingness to Your Army here to strike at the enemy for we have the authority of Yeshuah in our prayers and actions to push back against the enemy and yes to even in battle destroy the enemy!  Lord awaken us to move to the higher ground  You are calling us to be!   Lord, that we will see the enemy fall and that those who are revealed as corrupt will be brought to Justice and proper punishment be meted out to those who are guilty and will not cease in their efforts.  Lord, now is the time to flood them with the waters that will wash them away and cleanse the land.  May we see the signs in the heavens that speak to us of the coming Victory!

Father, that Your Army will flow in Your timing and Your Plans  for us now! We are grateful for all that You have started in us and so we seek its conclusion as we fight the good fight of Faith.  We know You hear us as we make our prayer to You in the name of Yeshuah, Your Son and our Redeemer and in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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