Jul 25, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

As we come into Your Presence, we seek Your Protection from all that enemy has mounted against us!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and all his plots and schemes to distract us from all You are giving us as our War assignment for today! Lord keep the chaos, anxiety and confusion in his camp and keep us free to give You worship in spirit and truth.  Your Holy Angels are guardians that make us strong in our advancement of the Kingdom here in America and around the world with our brothers and sisters in nations seeking to call You Lord and King!

Father, first of all we repent of any false idols or gods of this world that have drawn us away from You.  You are our First Love and so we want our hearts united to Yours.  We are here to do Your Will and as Your Son prayed we also echo: not my will but Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Father each day we see and often tempted by the gods of this world whether it be a career or a certain amount of money or other material gains, but Lord You know our hearts and so we want to be one with You in all things that You may get all the glory and praise! 

Strengthen us in our desire to leave all that the world tempts us to and follow in the footsteps of Your Son so that we will do as He said that we will do even more that He did.  That we will see the miracle of even the raising of the dead and the healing of so many dis-eases in our day from fibromyalgia to cancer and all that we are in fear of hitting our families and ourselves.  That we walk in Divine Health because of the Blood of Yeshuah covers us and makes us a new creation.  Thank You Father for unfolding these signs and wonders in our day!

Father we seek the continued protection and Holy Spirit guidance for and in President Trump and all those who are on his team of changing America to be what we are destined to be since You had us created through our founding fathers and mothers.  Lord, You have blessed us with so many righteous men and women in our past that we want a full restoration of our calling in our day.

We are grateful to see the changes taking place now as more of true Justice is happening with those who have been enemies within destroying, stealing and yes even killing that which You have given us as a sacred trust.  Lord we are Your Army fighting to follow Your Command and we will see the victories You have in store for us in our day.  Thank You for having chosen us to be and do Your Will in such a time as this!

Lord, there are those who have chosen to lie and deceive us and say they are true American when in reality they are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing whether in the government or in our assemblies of worship.  Continue to expose them and to see them stumble and fall wrapped in schemes that only harm and divide us.  Lord Your Truth is Marching on and we will see Your Glory now and forever.

Lord,we seek that You will raise up and anoint more of us Your Warriors to take on the causes that will set Your children free from all the sexual perversion and be rescued from all the evil that rapes them of their innocence.  Lord, for too long this has gone on in places we considered safe our churches and hoes but they have become nothing more than dens of iniquity.  We seek the fire of the Holy Spirit to destroy them and bring them under submission to Justice and righteousness.

Father continue to give Your Strike Force of prayer Warriors assignments to fulfill as we here for prayer but also to put our prayer into action, whether it be by voice, writing or walking the streets of our neighborhoods or any other small assignments you give us to spread the Good News and bring to others the awareness of Your Hear to Love for all Your children and that You do not want to loose any of us, but we must choose to be one with You now and for all eternity. 

Lord use as instruments of Your Grace to bring down the strong man and open up doors so others will walk into Your Kingdom.  Lord this is an exciting time and we are so grateful to be a part of it.  Your Heart is all we seek and to love as Yeshuah taught us to deny ourselves , take up the cross and follow Yeshuah, because He has overcome the world so we too are a part of this great plan to cover the Land of Israel, America and every nation that proclaims Jesus is Lord! Amen!

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