Dec 17, 2019

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Heavenly Father

We come to You as humble contrite children who have become Your Warrior in our fight to spread Your Kingdom here in our land of America and with all our brothers and sisters in other nations seeking You to rule and reign over the earth!  Father let You Holy Angels be our rear guard as well as lead us in this battle to over come darkness and spread Your Light!  We love you with all our might and strength freely as You ask of us.  We are here Lord to give You all the Glory and Honor and Praise in Thanksgiving for we know You are for us and not against us that even if our loved ones abandon us that You are with us and will never leaves us for Your Loving Kindness lasts forever!

In our words to day Lord we admit our guilt through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit of anything that stands in our way of fulfilling Your Will for us.  But by the Blood of Yeshuah all stain of guilt of sin is washed clean.  We are made holy and set apart to be Your People because of our Faith in Your Son so we want our character to reflect and be an image of Your Son for all to see.  Lord we are not here to argue or convert anyone only to show them how You have made our life so great because of Your great love for us.  Lord because of You we let our light shine and we are here to love and serve all whom You have put in our lives to care for.

Today, Father, we declare over our President Trump, his wife and family protection from all the firey darts of the enemy.  That those who voice such hatred and disrespect  toward them will be silenced.  We proclaim Lord that Your Hammer of Justice fall on all those who have chosen to follow such evil intent as to bring about impeachment that You, Lord use this to bring about a re-alignment of our government and that Your people use their voice and vote to change all of these liars and deceivers into dust and that righteous men and women step forward to take back America and make us one nation under You, Lord as You made us so that we live under true freedom and Justice for all.  In Jesus this is our prayer!

Father, we also declare that the old church system we have been under is destroyed so that we will worship You in  spirit and truth.  Lord those who have stood in the way of true spiritual growth be cast down and those You have anointed for such a time as this be brought forth and we hear Your Voice again and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our assemblies and in all of our gathering even as we here come together in prayer.  That we will lift up hearts to You and be one in the Spirit and one in Truth and we will see swift answers to the prayers we raise so we will truly be a nation that knows and serves You and You alone!  Lord, thank You for those who give us insight into Your Word so that we might truly become a Kingdom as You want here on earth as it is in heaven!

Lord we declare that the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit rule over our lives that we will walk in discernment in choosing those we are to have lead us.  That by their character they may be made known to be the ones You have chosen. It is not just knowledge that You want us to have but to live by Wisdom of the Holy Spirit in all we do whether it be to teach or mentor others or the raising up of our children. Lord that we may see one another as You see us.  That our judgments will be based on truth but not just how we feel.  That we will be speakers of Truth and not lie or deceive one another.  That the fruit we bear will be because we are good trees rooted in You Lord and no one else!  Thank You, Father for all the blessings You bestow on us and we know that they are Yours and so we are here to share and give just like Your Son Jesus the Christ!

Finally Lord what is written in Psalm 83 we proclaim over our nation that all those who conspire against us in any way will be confounded and will have no effect on our lives now and into the future.  You Lord are our buckler and shield from any attacks of the enemy whether they be here in our land or any from any nation that no weapon formed against us will be unable to come out of the confusion and chaos  they want us to have that they will perish in it themselves.  Lord You have said You will never eave us or forsake us so here we are Lord Your people trusting You to fulfill Your Word in us now and into eternity.  It is so Amen!

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