Aug 30, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We give Your thanks and praise for this day, this time to be in Your Presence and to know You hear us and see us with a heart of Love! Cleanse us, Lord of any part of our heart that is not fully Yours and clear our minds of old thoughts that bind us to a past that haunts us or slows us down from following You and truly loving those You have place in our lives to love.

Father, we seek Your Protective Hedge around us so that the enemy is not aware of our drawing closer to You and that as we do we are strengthened under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and jam his frequency so that all we bring before You is not interfered with by technology or any other device that is used to distract us and keep us from truly serving You in thought word and deed.  Thank You, Father, for releasing Your Waring Angels to lead us in battle against the enemy and his forces to attempt to over throw what You have given us here in America and the same for the sacred land of Israel. We  stand ready for Your marching orders as Your Army of the Kingdom to do Your Will!

Father continue to expose evil and corruption that lies before us and all that has led us into confusion and deception in our assemblies of worshiping You and in our government.  Let those deceivers and liars face their evil and fall on their won swords of destruction.  Have those who have aligned themselves with this evil force either repent or face the consequences of their treasonous ways through Justice and proper punishment for these actions and beliefs.

Lord, we continue to intercede and seek protection and guidance for all those You have anointed to lead us in this hour.  As Your Strike Force of Prayer we intercede for President Trump and all other leaders who are inspired to lead us to live according to Your Will.  May the restoration of America to live by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence continue to happen as more and more men and women arise to bring Righteousness to our land.  May we again be the shining Light on a Hill to serve the poor and needy, set the captives free and bring Hope to a dark and dreary world, be defenders of the Truth and have Justice be our standard of rule.  Lord continue to bless the other nations You have called to live under the Kingdom like Israel, Canada, Europe and others who are rising up under the influence of the Holy Spirit to bring change and freedom in their lands from the tyranny of the isms that have kept Your people captive.

Lord, continue to raise up and anoint new men and women to lead us and voice Your Word in our assemblies/the Church.  Lord that purity of heart and clarity of mind will prevail.  That we will see others as You see us Your people, followers of Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer!

Father, we set a protective shield around our Youth, those we cherish, teach and mentor to follow in the footsteps of Your Son, Yeshua. Lord purify their hearts and minds that they will accept Your Creation: that a man is a man and a woman is a woman created in Your Image.  That man and woman will stand together in unity to live out Your Sacred Plan for us.  Make it clear that no one will doubt about who they are created to be as a man or woman to fulfill the destiny You have place in each of us when You created us in the secret of our mother’s womb!  Thank You, Lord, for creating us to love and serve You now in this hour as Your instruments of Your Love, Mercy and Grace.

Thank You Father for purifying our minds and hearts into the image of Your Son.  Bless all those You have drawn into the Strike Force of Prayer so that they are sealed by  Your Holy Spirit so that we are united in prayer and spirit to fulfill what You have planned for us. We pray this in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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