May 1, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We seek Your protection in this time of prayer.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar.  May all his ways of interference come to naught.  Let the confusion, unrest, rebellion and chaos stay in his camp.  Let the screams of despair be heard there in their defeat as Your Kingdom Army continues to follow Your Commands and bring the enemy to their knees before the Cross of Christ where they face the defeat He has already brought!  Thank You Father for releasing Your Holy Angels to surround us on this call, but also for what You are doing in America at our borders and in every state of our Union!  Victory is ours!  We rejoice in all You have done for us and are continuing to do now! We have a great Hope in our hearts which no one can take from us or in any way undermine.  For our Hope is in Your Son, Yeshua!  We sing a song of Praise to You!

Father we are grateful for giving us an anointed leader in President Trump and all who are with him in waging war against an enemy that has choked America for a long time.  You hear our cry of repentance when we face the mistakes we have made and we know and see the result of this repentance as our nation rises up to return to the Plan You have had for our land since the beginning!  It is because of Faith and a Trust in You that we have a great nation and as Your Army now we re-dedicate ourselves to that which You have called us to be.  Like in Gideon’s army of old we are the faithful remnant who blow the shofar and make the song and noise of Victory ring to put the enemy on the run!

Father, continue to raise up those who are willing to offer themselves as a living sacrifice as Yeshuah taught us: lay down your life for another as we found in the woman who died in the synagogue willing to protect the rabbi and the man who rose up to put a stop to any further bloodshed.  Lord, we are so grateful that we have men and women around us who are willing to stand up to protect and serve us whether they be in the military, law enforcement or any American who will say here I am use me!  Bless them and give them their just rewards for service and we lift them up to You in our covering of Faith in prayer.

Father we especially lift up to You the crises that is at our southern border, and all of the evil that comes to do America harm and invade our land with those who will harm us and plan and plot to destroy our life and liberty.  Father, may all those who are behind this and their money be exposed so that the Hammer of Justice will fall on them.  Lord we are tired of false leaders, whether it be pope, bishop, priest, preacher evangelist that are in our churches who make it sound as if righteousness and justice sound mean and hateful. May they be exposed and fall from leadership now!  You, Yourself have told us You hate evil and want it destroyed.  So Lord, may even the church leaders who promote this illegal approach to immigration fall before You for Your Justice shall prevail!

Lord, we bring before You all those false teachers, instructors, mentors, professors and any who have a place of high regard that oversee our youth may they fall from their positions and raise up Godly men and women who will truly instruct and teach us the Truth about our American heritage, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our true traditions that make us a nation under You Lord God as You truly want us to be. Lord our Youth are precious to us and we know they are our future and we want them to have Hope for a bright future and life that is blessed by You as we fulfill Your Commands!

Lord, we seek more of the Holy Spirit to dominate in our lives to give us Wisdom in our discernment in choosing those who lead us and those who truly speak Truth and live lives that encourage us to follow You and live the Abundant Life You have planned for us!

You have given us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide into ALL truth, so Lord then we will be more discerning who we listen to, what we watch, even what we eat, and where we go.  You are the source of Life and You want to dwell with us so Lord we are open to follow and prepare ourselves to be one with You now and forever! Amen

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