Jan 22, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you in a humble, contrite attitude to give You Glory, Honor and Praise for all the You have already done but also for what will unfold before our eyes as we Trust You even more each day!  First of all Father we ask to be protected under the shadow of Your Wing during this sacred time that we are here before You.  Scramble the enemy’s frequencies so that we have no interference in our time together.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and that they have no idea of what You have in store for us as we walk as an Army trusting You and following Your Lead and Command!

We want to sing a song of Victory to Your Name for all that has been started under the leadership of President Trump for our nation.  Without You, O Lord nothing can be accomplished and we recognize that many of the victories have been because of Your intervention and that which You have placed in President Trump to lead us back from the edge of destruction to moving our nation into a direction that brings Hope and a bright Light for the future for ourselves and our children and our children’s children and to generations to come.

There is a new song on the earth a sound that You expressed through Your Prophet Kim Clement who sang prophecy of the things to come and that the youth of our day will bring a new sound before Your throne.  Even now through the prophetic voice of Mark Taylor who often has a poetic ring to his words we can see that the old systems are to pass away.  We are to walk away from them and pout the New Wine You have given us into new wine skins.  We believe and more importantly we Trust You Word to us and we march forward for the Victories You have laid out before us!  We are not sing of doom and gloom  but only a song of Hope in the spirit of brotherly love!

Father in a spirit of repentance we bring the music industry to You so that the music we hear will have the proper vibration and frequency that You have given us and that the foolishness of man trying to alter everything  is stopped and brought to naught.  Instead of control of our minds we want our minds to be of the mind of Christ Jesus!  Lord make us more aware to stop the destruction of the character of man by the Luciferian leadrship but that we strive to be the Image of Your Son Yeshua and walk as He walked and to do as He did and as He promised even more besides!

Father we recognize that You are the source of music.  You planted it in us from the beginning and now we want to sing again in praise  and give You the Glory.  We know that many of those who become stars in this world really had their start in our churches. It is moments of giving You praise that You raised up these voices may we see a return to giving You all the Glory for all that pleases us and comforts us in ad through out our lives. The song has always been a way to see our way through, but open our eyes to recognized this is all from You and it has been Your Plan from the beginning and Your Son has given us a new start and made us a new creation to give You all the praise and Glory!

Father You have given us a voice, a voice that can be used to change our nation when we humbly recognize that it is You working in us that so much can and will be accomplished in our day!  Father, now we are united in voice to stop the trends in our culture to no long be of death and destruction, but of Life and creation of abundant Life! No longe r a culture that influences the church but that we influence the culture and the way of life we are to live in this nation.  Lord as You have taught us if one under Your protection can put to flight a thousand and two can do even more damage. Here we are Lord a remnant small in number in the world’s eyes but an Army just the same that can put the enemy to flight and win the victory in Your Name.

Father You give us significant signs that in the heavens and on the earth that we are headed in the right direction and that You still can control our destiny if we will let You and trust You completely no matter what it looks like in the darkness but because we are of the Light we can and do pierce the darkness! Father, in the skies there was another significant sign of the Blood Moon letting us know that there is more to come even as we reach the ½ way point of President Trump’s first term in office.  Lord continue to open the eyes of the people of this nation that we are on track to make an impact on the world that Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven now in our time.  We trust and know it to be true as we pray in the Name above all names Jesus/Yeshua our Messiah and Lord. Amen!

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