Jun 27, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Through mercy and grace let Your Plan of victory unfold through us Your Warriors in Your Army.  Through our repentance of our past sinful days, we are made new and courageous because we are under the Banner of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua our Messiah and King!

Lord, as we are gathered here listening to Your Battle Plans for us today, Protect us from the flaming darts of the enemy.  Father, shield us from the allurements of the enemy and keep us of his radar.  Send confusion disunity among his followers.  Lord we are Your remnant willing to be used on the front line to take back any territory that has been stolen or taken illegally by the enemy.  We will hold it at all costs and we will advance more into territory as You open up the land before us.  Use us as You see fit!

Lord, as Your warriors we intercede for states that are voting today: Colorado, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah.  May your anointed ones receive the votes they need to support Trump and the Agenda You have set before him.  Lord may the issues of voter fraud, false reporting and electronic counting  be overpowered by righteousness and truth.  Lord inspire more Americans to enter the arena of public debate and volunteer to keep America safe in its freedom to vote.  Lord, continue to raise up men and women who will serve America through our military, our law enforcement and fire and rescue so that we can put the enemy to flight and protect us form enemy both foreign and domestic.  Thank You, Lord for victory in this regard for America to be  a shining Light in this world.

Lord, forgive us if we have been reluctant to let go of systems that we have grown accustomed and comfortable with.  Lord, wipe out these systems that have us bound and tied from living free as You have given us in the beginning.  Lord that is the past, we let go of it and realize You have made us new!  So Lord we want to use our Unity of Prayer and Voice and Vote to keep our morale up and our progress moving forward!

Thank You, Father, for the Gift of the Holy Spirit so that we have the Wisdom of Discernment in know who is for us and who is against us.  Lord we know that there are believers who do not know or even aware of what is happening in our midst.  Father show us more ways to influence them and to help them change their vision.

Lord, what is on Your Heart today and what You want us to intercede  against the enemy?

Lord, bless and protect President Trump and his workers to conquer the immigration issues.  Forgive us for not making it clear to our leaders that this has to stop and it must be fixed now in fairness and true justice!  Lord we are a land of laws based on the true interpretation of the Constitution so strike the hearts of our Congress to do the righteous acts to correct and amend our laws to have proper vetting and a process for those who truly want to live in America.  Lord let the confusion stop!  Let the Truth be revealed!  Thank You for showing us the way to solve this issue now!

Lord today we again intercede for the innocent and vulnerable in our land, all those who have been caught and trapped into sex trafficking , sexual abuse, child sacrifice and the desecration of all that is sacred.  Lord through the authority You have given us through Yeshua we pull back the veil of those who are involved in it in any way and may they be brought to justice and face the penalties of such atrocities that they are involved with!

Lord as Your Warriors we know we are fully protected by the armor You have given us and that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit so that no attack of the enemy can harm us or make us fearful in what we have spoken.  We have moved away from the old ways and we are made new and pursue new ways to fight in our battle!  We give You all the praise and glory and honor in Yeshua’s name. Amen!


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