Jul 6, 2018

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Our Father, we bless You! We praise and glorify and honor You for all that You have blessed us with especially Your Great Love for us as You showed through Your Son, Yeshua! Father may we be a blessing for others as we speak  the Good News to them so that they to may glorify You!

Father, repent of the ways we have abused the use of our tongue to curse instead of bless!  We repent of the ways we have hurt and harmed others by the words we have spoken out of selfish anger or lack of control and foolish ways of saying things that are not up lifting but discouraging to those around us especially those we love and cherish:our spouse, friend or children.  Forgive me Lord when I should have been quiet instead of the need to be right or said something that damaged another instead of giving them encouragement of or confidence in what they were able to express!  Lord we want to use our tongue to proclaim the Good News and speak words of encouragement and build confidence in others so that we may walk together in unity of righteousness in our day.  Use our tongue Lord for Your Glory to promote Your Will!

Father, today we intercede for President Trump and his family and cover them with a protective shield of Faith as they endure the curses of those who hate them and think evil of them.  Lord give them strength to endure and rise above those who curse for they are a blessing to us!  Lord give President Trump the Wisdom he needs now in this hour to  make the right choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.  Let it be a woman who is like Deborah or a man who is like Samuel to serve with Justice and righteousness defending our Constitution and biblical principles for all Americans.  Lord we see this as a furthering of the positive words Your prophet, Mark Taylor spoke.  So we speak words of blessing over him and his family as he has been faithful to Your anointing on his life. May those who have spoken against him in words of cursing find them silenced just as you silence Balaam of old, for he could only bless and not curse Your people Israel.  What happened then let be fulfilled in our day too!

Lord, we speak words of blessing over our military, all law enforcement and fire and rescue and volunteers who risk their lives for our protection and safety and up hold the laws of the land.  Lord, we especially want blessings on all those who are members of ICE who bravely work to up hold proper procedures for our immigration and border patrol issues.  Lord bless them all!

Lord we speak blessings over all of our church leaders that they will awaken to their true calling to preach the Good News and to speak clearly and honestly about the moral issues of our day.  That they will speak in season and out of season that reveals the truth and speak with the authority of Yeshua to lead us not into temptation but into the Kingdom!  May they speak out against abortion, sexual abuse and perversion and protect our youth!

Lord we speak words of blessing into all the victims of the horrible traumas that they have endured.  We place a protective shield around them that they will truly experience the Love of God for healing and restoration!  Al to be rescued from darkness and live an abundant Life that God has destined them to have.

Lord we bind the demonic influence over all government officials and politician who are not fulfilling their office and not representing the American people.  We bless those that are and may You continue to reveal the separation of evil from good!

Lord we realize how powerful our tongue is and through Your Word have taught us what to say: blessings instead of cursing.  So Lord we speak blessings now and walk away from all curses and cursing of the enemy.  Seal us with Your Holy Spirit that we may live in blessings and bless others now and forever. Amen!


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