Jan 31, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Keep us free from lying lips and deceitful words of those who walk in darkness!  Lord cleanse us of all the lies that we have fallen prey too.  Lies that we have oftentimes based our life and attitude on! Lord, free us from all curses and words that have been a burden on us telling us we are not good or we can’t do it and that You do not love us because of our past or what our generations have done.  Lord we are cleansed by the Blood of Your Son for we are now a new creation and have an intimate relationship with You and now have a Bight Hope for our future and a Faith in You that pleases You and brings us even closer to do Your Will.  Jesus is the Light!  Jesus is the Way!  Jesus is the only means to come to You Father!  We are so grateful and blessed by Your Wondrous Grace and Mercy!  Thank You for the Holy Spirit who revels all truth to us and guides us in the ways of peace and unity with all of Your Family!

Lord in this struggle with lies we recognize our guilt in accepting these lies and so we turn from them and seek to learn even more intimately the Way of Your Son and to defend the Truth and to walk in His Light so that we can pass this on to our children and our children’s children!  Lord those who continue to lie and deceive reveal to us so that we will stand in Truth and use our tongue to proclaim Your Word to counteract and prove that we are not in their camp of deception but as the Army of God we are here to overcome lies with truth and we have no fear in proclaiming it from the roof tops!  For Jesus is Lord and He is our Messiah so that the Kingdom of God is here in pour midst and we are here to be used to spread it across our land and around the world and especially to Israel that it may be the sacred place You have planned from the beginning and no plan to split it or divide it will prevail for a Your Prophet Kim Clement sang out and we as well: ISRAEL IS FOREVER! Lord God Your Will be done and make us one new man with no distinctions between us all in Unity under the Holy Spirit!

Lord, break down all of these forms of media that proclaim lies and deceive us.  Let those You have appointed and anointed to teach and spread the Truth take over all media that we can hear the Truth and truly know what You have promised us in this our day.  Thank you for the gifting of the prophets in our time and those of the past who have prophetically called out that this is a time of renewal and reformation of America and a movement across the earth that has started the Harvest!  Lord we put a protective shield around those You have called to speak as prophets may they draw closer to Your Heart and truly listen to your Voice so that we will know Your Will and we will declare it and rejoice in it! Now is the time for the awakening and the renewing of our minds to be in the Mind of Christ Jesus! Father thank You for revealing to us our worth and value in Your Eyes!  That our tongues will proclaim Your Praise and we uplift and encourage all You place in our life to care for!  Praise You Father Son and Holy Spirit! Amen Alleluia!

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