Sep 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We humbly seek Your Protective Arm around us to shield us from the enemy’s radar and all of his distractions and interruptions both electronically and and in the spirit so that this sacred time together will be for Your Glory and Honor and You will hear the cry of Your Army as we Praise Your Name and all that You do for us.

Lord, we seek a strengthening of our Faith and resolve to serve You in Your Army that we push forth in battle to continue to take the ground that has been stole from us in the past and that we will strike out today gaining new ground for Your Glory and Honor and the Kingdom in America will be in line with Your Rule and Reign.  Lord we are so thankful for what You are already doing in our land and that we will see even more!  Lord we intercede for other lands that have joined in this Army for Ireland, England, Malaysia, India, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland!  May all these brothers and sisters be blessed as we are to have Righteousness pervade their lands.

Lord, during these days we are hearing the screaming and shouting of those who have aligned themselves with the evil forces to destroy America and all that it was truly established for. Let our United Prayer and Voices bring a shout of Victory in Your Son, Yeshua! Lord we cry out to those who are in such throws of hate and blindness: Repent, open your mind and heart to the Truth or suffer the consequences of your evil choices!

Lord we repent and intercede for the influence of Leviathan in our land.  The spirit that twists and turns the Truth into lies and deceit.  We renounce it and strike against its neck  to behead it at the foot of the Cross.  So that our ears and minds will receive the Truth as it is and not through the distortion that is around us.  Leviathan that evil spirit causes division and hatred to be among the people so that we only think of such foolish things of color, race, traditions and other characteristics that make us unique and different but can make us one in the spirit and Truth.  We bind that all now for we know in Yeshua we have been made one body, one spirit and one Faith in Him!

Lord we intercede for the spirit of Leviathan that has shown its true colors and ways in our land by the way the destruction of one’s good name and reputation is destroyed by lies and deceit as is happening in the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh.  What was done to Justice Thomas they are at it again.  Lord we rebuke this and all these terrible accusations be exposed for what they truly are!  Lord, Your Will for Righteousness to return to America happen now in this very situation.

Lord, it is not only here but even in all of the races for the elections of this year.  Lord we unit in Prayer and Voice to support and protect the righteous men and women you raising up in the political races through out our United States.  That believers will truly do their duty to vote and support those who will support President Trump and the agenda You have place in his heart for America, Israel and all the other nations who are taking on righteousness in our day!

Father we proclaim the prophetic word You have spoken through Your prophets in our day like Mark Taylor.  That they will be free to voice and speak the Truth as You reveal it and that we as Your Army will defend and use it as power weapon to over come the enemy and the voices of the naysayers.  We know that Your Word will do as You have sent it and nothing can really stop it from doing what You have created it to do!

Father, we know You are hearing us as we intercede in this hour.  Shield us from any attack of the enemy as we have brought death blows to his agenda to steal, kill and destroy in America and wherever disciples of Yeshua are gathered.

Lord, we give You all the glory, honor and praise in thanksgiving in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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