Jun 1, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

we come to You as Your repentant children who seek Your Forgiveness and Mercy for ourselves and our nation so that we might be released from the systems that have us bound from our true freedoms, so that we can live the abundant life given to us in Yeshua!

Father, during this time we ask for Your loving protection from all the attacks of the enemy.   Keep us off of his radar and do not allow any distraction or his whisperings to disrupt our unity while we pray.  Lord, do not allow our time with You be disrupted by anything that makes our minds wonder from the intensity of what we seek and intercede for.

Today, Lord we look at the systems that bound us up.  We have either fallen asleep or been negligent of recognizing what has happened to us that what we have been given through our founders has been in a destructive course of events and happenings.  Lord, we are here to reclaim what the enemy has take from us and through the authority given us by Yeshua we strike down the systems and their strongholds that have enslaved us in any way!

Lord we strike at the judicial system that has made a mockery of Justice and the Godly way of judging right from wrong.  Lord, You have seen how those in positions of authority have used this system to call good evil and evil good.

Continue to expose and reveal these evil and treasonous judges and officers of the court who have dictated to us that the killing of the innocent, especially those in the womb, is allowed and said to be the law of the land. We say: we want it no more!  Bring it to an end now!  Or how they have told us it is the law of the land that homosexual marriage is the same as marriage as You created it in the beginning.  Lord, we are against this mockery, bring it down now!  Bring all of these wicked to an end of their tyrrany and may it all fall on them especially those who have pursued this and desired it.  Lord, we want a stop to the abomination of Justice and living as You have given us in Your Word!

Lord, our financial system is truly a slavery issue in our day.  We are put into a hatred and jealousy of one another by race, color and how much we own or have.  Lord even our church leaders are blinded and caught up in a financial  system by what they want and by how much they have and need more of and put this on the burden of the sheep they are suppose to pastor.  Father, continue to expose these crimes and wake up Your People to support those who are anointed by You to lead and instruct.  Lord, through the Holy Spirit guide us to throw out the old and bring in a return to Your Way!  We want to live the Good News!

Lord, these systems are all around us that entice us to go this way and that against Godly ways in our culture, our dress, our morals and our approach to one another. Instead of seeing one another as Yeshua showed us we follow false gods and goddesses in the entertainment world.  We chase after glory and worldly values.  O Lord, give us strength to stand and live life abundantly based on the Spirit and the Word.  Yeshua is our only example and we know we can do right by His Life in us!

We thank You, Father, for our good men and women who are living examples of standing against  this tide of evil! Lord, we thank You for President Trump who every day does good works to restore our nation to true values just as he embraced the little boy with muscular dystrophy.  And the way we see law enforcement men and women risking their lives to save and protect others.  Lord, there is good going on in our land, but we do not hear enough of it, because the media system is so negative.  Lord we need a change here too!  Lord release more and more men and women who will report truthfully and honestly so that we may see the good as well as the bad in our land.  Lord, that we may see more of the goodness in our land!  Lord, we Your people cry out in Thanksgiving for those who are doing good and their best to make America a shining Light in a dark world.  We are so grateful Lord!

As of this moment Lord in the Name of Yeshua we shake off and strike down the systems and strongholds that are trying to destroy us.  Lord as Your Army we are waging a war against these systems and we know we will succeed because we are confident in winning because our Hope is based on You! Thank You, Father Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!


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