Jun 19, 2019

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We come before Your Throne with a humble, contrite spirit totally dependent on You for all things.  We are blessed to be called into Your Kingdom Army for today.  We are grateful that You have given us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and the person who guides us into all truth.  Through Your Son, Yeshuah, we are here to worship and praise You in spirit and truth!

Father, we seek Your Protection from all the attacks of the enemy in our personal life, and in the lives of all whom we cherish and love as well as our nation of America!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and spread confusion in his camp so they are not aware of the plans and strategies You have given us to defeat any advancement the enemy tries in this day.  Our unity in prayer is a mighty weapon as well as our shield of Faith and the Helmet of Salvation and give us strength to wield the Sword of Truth to slay the enemy and his forces in every battle You have assigned us to win!  Praise Your Holy Name as our Banner over us!  We are Your Soldiers ready and willing to follow Your Commands.

Lord, we repent of any of the back biting and gossip and lack of acceptance of others in our ranks as Your Army.  Lord we can be too critical and easily take offense because another does not agree with us on issues that really do not matter, but we make them matter out of pettiness and competition and by making comparisons because of pride.  O Lord deliver us and stop us from wounding our own by our lack of true unconditional love like You have shown and given to us in our moments of weakness.  Lord that we may truly walk arm in arm because of our Love of Jesus the Christ and be united in spirit and truth.

Lord, through Your prophets’ words You have warned us to come out from under the 501c3 and any church system or spirit of religion.  As we step away from these systems and spirits, we look to You for the assemblies we should join.  Father we seek special protection for Russ Wagner and his team as they teach and instruct us on how to form home congregations and assemblies.  We know we are the Body of Christ and we are here to be aligned with our head Jesus the Christ and no other!  Yes, Lord let Your Light shine upon those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  That we may clearly discern those whom You have anointed to lead us in unity to worship You in spirit and truth!

Father, we know that this is an important time for us, a time as has been prophetically spoken this is a time of fine tuning us over these next 12 months to prepare us to sing a new song to Your Glory as more and more change comes to America and upon the whole earth. We are here Lord use us and mold us as You have destined for such a time as this!  Lord, help us keep our focus on the goal and aware of the calling You have placed on us and that we remain confident to follow those You have anointed for us now.  Lord it is time to stop all the mockery and abuse thrown on those who are anointed by You.  Lord use Justice to bring a stop to it now!  Lord we stand and support Your anointed that You have placed in our midst: President Trump and those who work with Him to accomplish Your Agenda.  Mark Taylor, Chuck Pierce and other prophets who truly point the way for us to walk.  May they be protected and blessed to speak and broadcast all You have assigned them to say!

Father in this season when Justice shall reign we seek the removal and clearing of all that have been corrupt and abused the authority they have as part of our Judicial system.  Lord expose these corrupt ones and may they be removed and righteous men and women arise and replace them.  We seek special protection for all those Judges that President Trump has appointed and may they always be swiftly approved so, as You have spoken, we will see Justice and Fairness return to all of our courts in the land.  Replace and Restore all those Judges who truly are walking with the Holy Spirit to do that which is right according to our Constitution and laws that truly make us America.  We seek special protection for Judges like Paula Patrick and others who rule according to what is right and not to be swayed by any unethical means brought on them.   We give You Glory and Honor Lord for those You have anointed and called to Pursue Justice in all cases that are brought before them.  Lord it is time to clean the courthouse so we intercede that it proceeds now in Yehsuah!

Father, we thank You for all that You have blessed us with this day and may we in turn be a blessing to others that You place in our path today.  We seek the blessing of all who have truly devoted their lives to You to become the Nazirites of our day.  Those who willingly sacrifice their own needs to serve others bless them abundantly Lord!

Father as leader of this assembly I cry out the Blessing You have given us to say:             

The Lord bless and guard you!
The Lord make His Face shed Light upon you and be gracious to you!
The Lord lift up His Face to you and give you Peace!  Amen & Amen!

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