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Heavenly Father,

We are weak but by Faith in Yeshua, You make us strong and form us into the image of Your Son to make manifest the Kingdom right here, right now!  As Your children we are here to spread  and defend Your Kingdom here in America!  Father we ask that You take us off the enemy’s radar and confuse his hearing and seeing  so that he does not know the plans You have for us. That all we pray today is sealed by the Holy Spirit for righteousness and victory in the battles that lay before us!

Lord this is the day before the March for Life in D.C.  Protect and guide all of its leaders and all the participants.  Lord, make them aware to stay united in prayer and voice even after this event is finished.  That they will take with them this unity and vote in the different states they are from.  That they have the authority in Jesus/Yeshua to bring change in the leadership and judges who stand in the way of stopping abortion here in America.  Lord, we know we have the right and responsibility to do our part, no matter how small we feel, through courage  and wisdom we can end abortion.  We choose Life! We must choose those will defend Life, not just say it but do it! We are here to vote for those who will lead us by righteousness and Truth!

Father, as Your prophet Mark Taylor, has warned us our judicial system is a stronghold for the enemy.  Lord, this is an area we want to strike and bring down.  Lord, just as You brought Moses to lead Your people out of the judicial tyranny of old, Now we seek these chains of the judicial system be broken! Lord we seek the removal of judges, lawyers and court official who stand in the way of protecting life, our families and anyone under this system being oppressed. Break us free!  Lord we thank You for the releasing of the Bundy family from judicial tyranny!  We seek the same now in all of our cities, towns, and all forms of the judicial system.  Lord, show us the break through we need so that we may live under true Justice.  We intercede for all those who been wronged to be set free and restored from the highest court to the lowest.

Lord, through Your prophet, whom we put a shield of protection over, that President Trump will bring forth at least 4 more Supreme Court Justices.  We pray for the fulfillment of this word and we will see the reversal of Roe v. Wade and the other judicial tyranny that was force against the people’s will: gay marriage, homosexual special rights, transgender, and other perversions.  We say No more!  Lord let the impeachment of these judges begin!  Expose these judges and others in high places who have promoted or participated in pediphelia  and various forms of sexual perversion.  Stop the cover-up! Expose the lies!  Prosecute those who responsible Lord! We are here to do our part through Unity of Prayer, Voice and Vote in this hour!

As this stronghold breaks down we will again be free to live in righteousness and truth.  We know that there will be many who will be shocked because of their lack of knowledge and awareness and there will be some who will resist this change. But Lord it is time that Your Laws prevail in our land and lives!  We seek it! We hunger for it! We are here to fight for it!  Thank You, Father for giving us courage and boldness to fight for it now! In Yeshua’s name!

Lord a special word of thanks for giving us President Trump who now stands and is not afraid to defend Life! Like he will tomorrow!  The first President to truly proclaim it!  Praise You, Lord! Give him the right words to affect the minds and hearts of all Americans.  Lord, bring down the judicial tyranny and all those who use the judicial system to bring forth evil instead of Justice. Lord put all  on notice!  It is now Justice for all in our Nation!

Lord, now hear my brothers and sisters as we are united in Spirit!  Hear their intercession for America.  Bless and protect them as they speak from their heart! Amen



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