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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Protection in our battle against the enemy.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar, confuse his hearing and keep us from his evil devises.  Lord bless our line of communication with no distractions or interference in this time with You!  Lord sustain us in Your Righteousness.  Thank You for calling us to be soldiers of Your Light!  You Lord are our strength and salvation!  Deliver us from the enemy’s plots to harm us either physically or emotionally!  Father, especially protect President Trump and his family and all the righteous men and women who serve our nation to re-establish law and order that we need in these perilous times.  All for Your Glory and Honor and Praise!

Father today we come against the evil spirit of murder in our land.  We are very aware of the evil of spilling of the blood of our brothers and sisters in our land, especially of the innocent children who live in areas of violence and the darkness in men’s hearts.

Father to over throw this spiritual wickedness in high places and where ever it dominates, we come first with humble and contrite hearts.  We know the evil that happens comes from the anger, hatred and jealousy that is in our hearts.  Lord first we seek Your forgiveness for any of our thoughts or actions that we have done because of our giving into our feelings of anger, hatred or jealousy.  Purify us

Lord so we can raise the sword of Righteousness to defeat the spirit of murder that pervades our land especially in every location in which we live!  Protect us as we walk our street or drive to work or where ever we go throughout this day!

Lord, we especially pray for those who are in war zones of violence in our cities, like Chicago, Seattle, New York, Houston and all of our cities and towns plagued by this curse of Cain and Abel, brother against brother! Lord protect our citizens but even more so those who serve us in law enforcement, first responders and those in border patrol, those in the military and those who are willing to put their life on the line so that others might live. These are all to us like Yeshua who gave His life so that we might have abundant life in Your Kingdom! Even now in our day!

Lord too much i9nnocent blood has been shed by this evil spirit of murder, which is a big part of the darkness around us.  Father, too many innocents have died awaken us even more to the authority we have in Yeshua, Your Son to stop the killing through abortion and all the lawlessness that pervades our nation.  Lord give us the strength and boldness of Faith we need to stand against this spirit of murder in all its forms.  We know Father because of Your exposure of all those who have plotted and desire the death of others through hate, greed, anger, jealousy and disobedience their time of influence has come to an end.  Lord, we know as we stand firm in the Spirit against this with repentant hearts we will see them change we are looking for in every location in America.  Lord we repent of this evil in our nation and as we call on Your Name heal our nation and give us the Justice we need to be living under Your Righteousness and obedience!  We give You Glory, Honor and Praise for the change You are securing for us each day in our battle!  In Yeshua’s Name Amen!

Now, Lord hear my brothers and sisters as they continue intercession for our nation and its people!


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