Mar 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are hear to obey Your Commands as we wage this war to stop all the infiltration of thoughts that are self-defeating and keep us distracted from what You want us to hear and do for the spread of the Your Kingdom in America and around the world.  Lord we seek protection from all of the sounds that distract us and to silence the voice of those who are adversaries of Your Plans for us.  Father, we are here to unite our hearts with Yours.  Show us O Lord what we are to do and how we are to do it. Father, Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah has told us to seek the Kingdom first and that all things will be given  to us.   So here we are Your Kingdom come Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, through the convicting power of the holy Spirit we admit our sinful ways to You that many times our hearts have evil intents against our brothers and sisters.  We admit it and ask for the precious Blood of Your Son to wash clean. Lord that our thoughts of selfishness of greed for riches, our lusts of the flesh and seeking glory of ourselves be fully exposed and we repent of them so that we shine the Image of your Son in all we do and say!  Father Your forgiveness and mercy are so amazing and if fills us with a hope and joy that no one can take from us or stop us from walking in Faith to fulfill all You have Planned for us in this day and in this moment!

Father, through the discernment that the holy Spirit gives us we will be obedient in these days as our chosen leader President Trump advises us to be cautious during these days of health concerns.  We will not walk in fear but by Faith for we have placed our trust in You that this whole health scare of the corona virus will pass over us for we walk under the covering of the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus which is more sacred and powerful than that which the children of Israel experienced when You saved them from Egyptian captivity.  Father we know we are in these days to test our patience to know it will all come to pass very shortly.  So Lord we lift up our Praise to You now that we have a great gift awaiting us for even praising You in moments of suffering of any kind reaps a great reward that You give us now and into eternity!  Praise You Lord! Alleluia!

Father, we pray that the Holy Spirit hovers over President Trump and all those who are aligned with him to guide them and direct them in all their decisions.  That Your Will be done and that the words of the prophets have great influence on him just as You guided the Kings of Israel through the words of the prophets that we too will listen and obey Your Will as they express it to us in this hour!  Lord it is not doom and gloom we seek or that we are to hide waiting for the bus to come pick us up.  But we are here Lord to continue to spread the Kingdom and to see signs and wonders in our day that Your Will be done now in our midst!  We are here Lord to shine in our Robe of Righteousness with compassion for all You have placed in our lives to care for especially the poor, the widow and the orphan.  As You have said we give one cup of water in Your Name we have done it to You.  We are happy to serve You, Lord fill us with even more compassion and strengthen us to fulfill Your Will!

Father, we seek the silencing of all those who attempt to bring America down by spreading lies and deceit through words spoken in the different forms of media in our day.  That we will truly stop listening to those who are follow int isms of destruction in our day.  That we will rightfully elect those You have chosen to lead us in our day.  That we will be wise in our voting and see the wolves in sheep clothing who need to face judgment and be brought down from any position of power and influence in our life.  That we will truly judge those who have the character to lead and that truly seek You as their source of the Wisdom they need to lead.   Lord . We are grateful that men and women no matter what age are really voicing the truth and standing for morality and righteousness in our day.  Thank You for hearing our prayer and our cry for Justice!  That we are seeing those who are corrupt are falling as Your prophet has spoken.  It is time for those who have misled us to face the consequences of their choices .  You have warned us as we sow so shall we reap.  Now it the harvesting time that You have started.  Use us Lord to bring in the Harvest!  We give You thanks and praise in the name of Your Son, Jesus in the unity of the holy Spirit.  It is so Amen!

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