Sep 12, 2019

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Heavenly Father,        

We are here as Your Faithful Remnant Warriors to proclaim Your Word given to us by your modern-day prophets Mark Taylor and others.  For we know Lord that You are revealing Your Heart to us.  So, Father we are here uniting our hearts with Yours.  Protect us during this time so that the attacks of the enemy will not penetrate these moments with You!  Keep the enemy silent and that his frequencies are jammed with nonsense and that he cannot detect what You have planned for us today.

Wash us clean of any stain or wrinkle of sin in our midst so that our hearts are in perfect order with Yours!

Father, through Your Son, Jesus, we have authority to bring down the strong man and his strong holds here in our land, whether it be here in America or any nation who joins us in this hour to attack the enemy and his forces.  Lord, we are free because by Your Son, we are set free and so we know You hear us and always bring to pass what we pray for as it is aligned with Your Will for us! So, Father with boldness we proclaim Your prophetic word to us.

Lord, you have already begun to fulfill prophetic words here in America, so we seek to bring more of them to pass.  What sound negative to some is not to us for when evil is to fall it looks like destruction, but it is really the beginning of laying the foundation for what You are building in our midst a place for You to dwell with us! So, Father we align ourselves with Truth to those who are blind it may sound like hate but to us it is Life and life abundantly!

Your prophet has stated that the workings of the Obama era will be brought down, which was destructive to our way of life and made many brought under suppression.  We say continue to give Wisdom to President Trump to bring down all the rules and regulations that have made us slaves to ideas that are evil instead of good.  Now Lord, expose even more the words that his presidency will be stripped from him and that all that he places on the courts and other hidden agendas be brought to naught now!  Open the eyes that have been fooled by this wolf in sheep clothing become aware of what You are doing to make us a Christian nation again.  Lord those who are corrupt are brought to end of their time now we proclaim Justice and Truth will prevail.  Those who have tried to destroy America are now to face their crimes according to the rule of law in America that is just according to our Constitution as it is based on Your Holy Scriptures!

Father we proclaim the “red tsunami” that was prophesied be started now by the Power of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  That those who have stolen, and falsified election results be arrested and brought to Justice.  Lord we are interceding that those You have anointed and chosen to lead America back to what it is meant to be come forth now and stand bravely to run to be elected by We the People!

Lord that we elect those who have strong character to be honest and truly support the Agenda you have placed in President Trump’s heart for America.  By our prayers Lord we are here to encourage them and give them strength to fulfill the destiny You have place in them for such a time as this!

Lord, we also proclaim that Your Church, what we call now Your Congregation or Assembly of Worship divorce itself from all the government interference that it has been put upon it through those who are wolves in sheep clothing and hirelings instead of true shepherds.  In America Lord our First Amendment of the Constitution says as You Promised Abraham of old to worship you without fear and gives us freedom to Assemble and to proclaim the Gospel  freely to all who are hungry to know You as a Loving Father who wants us as Your Family here on earth now and as it will be into eternity.  Father, we are here and ready to be a part of Your harvest of souls that You have already begun.  Prepare our hearts to be generous and courageous to show others what You have freely given to us!  Lord, we are here to do Your Will and use us as You will as we are the Image of Your Son here and now!

Lord we are thankful for Mark Taylor and the other prophetic voices You have place in our midst for they truly expose to us Your Heart and we are here to give to You our hearts in a loving response to all the Love You pour on us!  Father we are so grateful to be alive and a part of Your Plan for such a time as this!  See us as one in the Holy Spirit and in the Name & Banner of your Son, our Lord Jesus the Christ! Amen! Alleluia!

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