May 10, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Let Your Holy Spirit give us Wisdom and Discernment for our assignments in the war that is raging to stop Your Kingdom from moving forward, yet we know that victory is assured us on earth as it is in heaven!

Lord, in our time today with You, keep us off the enemy’s radar.  Make us aware of all the enemy’s attempts to stop us or discourage us.  With You we have everything we need, for You said You would never leave us or forsake us and with You all things are possible.  All because of Your Son, Yeshua, we carry a great Hope in our hearts to see that all we bring to Your Throne will be fulfilled according to Your Will.  We have confidence because we bring it to You in the Name of Yeshua!

Today, Lord we intercede for all teachers or those who are in a position of instructing us. Bless those who instruct us, through Your Word, how we should live with one another.  We pray especially for those who educate our Youth, whether they be young or on the verge of manhood or womanhood.  Lord give us teachers who live by your Living Word full of righteousness and are faithful to living what they teach.

Father we are so aware that there are teachers who deceive and strip the innocence  and purity of our children.  Teachers who are perverted in their thinking and acting.  We are so aware of the fact that there are schools that becoming killing fields or filled with distortion against our Faith and our parental rights.  Lord bring them to see Your Justice and to have a convicting power of the Holy Spirit over them to either amend their evil ways or be stripped of their positions. Lord, raise up teachers who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the youth to honor and protect and instruct our youth in the way of Your Plan for us.

Lord, there have been words spoken of revival hitting the halls of education.

That our Youth will be consumed with burning fire of the Holy Spirit to break out here in America.  That there would be a move of Your making that teachers, professors and administrators will fall to their knees as our youth shine forth the light of Christ.  Let us see the day now when universities, colleges, high schools, grade schools and areas of education will be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit that nothing will be able to stop or interfere with what You are doing with our youth!

Lord, we come against all the sexual perversion that happens among teachers and their students.  That all false teachings of homosexuality, the distortions of sexual identity, no morality, free choice to do whatever you feel is banished from all education at every level.

Lord, that we will see discipline again.  That we will see the Scriptures, prayer, honor and respect for one another be restored.  That a true respect of our American history and our Christian/Judaeo background be appreciated.  That honor and respect for our president and the anointed leaders who are here to protect, defend and keep us safe.  That a true Hope for the future be restored! That our youth will see life is worth living and that there is Hope in our future.  That You are our Father and You want us all to live in Shalom as Your Family as Your Son, Yeshua has shown us to love one another.  To have a life filled with wonder and awe of Your Creation and to see one another as You see us.

Thank, You, Father for what lies ahead to change our education system to one dependent on Your Word.  A means of educating our Youth into Your Path of righteousness so that we can worship You in spirit and truth.  We give You all the glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving forever and ever in Yeshua’s Name.  Amen!



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