Mar 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you with humble and contrite hearts asking that we be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus the Christ Your Son and our Redeemer!  Father we bring before You our call for a day of Prayer for our Nation as declared by President Trump.  We are here Lord to seek Your Will to be done in us and our nation as You have planned it from the beginning.  Lord, we want to be clear in our motive to worship you in spirit and truth.  We are not here to bribe You or manipulate You, but we are here to grow closer to You and to submit our will into Your Will.  Father You have shown great love for our nation throughout its history.  As we look at our past we can see Your Mighty Hand has always been with us from the days that George Washington knelt at Valley Forge during the revolutionary war seeking Your Guidance and protection and Presidents who have led this country through different crises   have called out for our people to have days of prayer and fasting to protect and guide us. And You have always answered us!  So now today we are so grateful for Your Ways with our nation so too today hear the cry of Your people in America!

Father, may this day be a day that draws each of us in this time of prayer closer to You, to see You as the Loving Father You are.  That this day be a day we repent of the sins of our nation and the sins of those who have led us down wrong paths.  Continue to bring change into our nation through Your chosen servant President Trump and all those who work with him to lead us into the path of Righteousness and that we will again be a nation ruled in law by Justice as Your Kingdom is ruled by Justice. That we will be a nation again ruled by Your Law and we will not be afraid to say Jesus is Lord and that we are a nation that proclaims the Gospel to all!  That we will no longer be led by political correctness but be a nation who hungers and follows the truth.  That deception and lies will no longer be tolerated in those whom we elect to represent us.  That we will have men and women who will speak the truth of their beliefs especially of Faith in Lord Jesus the Christ! 

Father, today we seek a Your calming Spirit over us that we will no longer be led by fear and anxiety even in this time of health issues we face though this attack of the Corona virus.  Lord we do believe in our prayer and that You have heard us and it is only in a matter of time that we will see this come to an end.  By the power of the Holy Spirit make us aware that we are temples of Your Spirit and we will turn to the means that You planned in the beginning for us to live by that there are means to bring healing into our land by eating and drinking foods of nature and to stop all the altering of nature. 

That a new awareness will arise out of this created virus of destruction and bring us to hunger and thirst to follow those who can lead us into the health You intended us to have and that through the Blood of your Son we have healing unending and that the holy Spirit will guide us into all truth even in this time of crisis in health.   We are so grateful that the truth will prevail and we will rightly choose that which brings healing to our land.  For this is our prayer that we repent of all that we have done wrong in regards to our health and return to the ways that follow Your rules of health found in nature and the truth of what the Torah/Scriptures teach us.  Thank You, Father raising up men and women who will put us on the right path for health!

Father, we also pray that through our prayers today the spirit of Elijah rise up to crush the spirit of Jezebel in our land.  That this is a day of true worship of You and that there are no other gods before You;.  You are are only means to have life and have it abundantly.  That in our repentance for the shedding of innocent blood we cut off the supply of blood that is shed before Molech and Baal.  That those who have been worshipers at these altars are cut off.  Just as Elijah beheaded the prophets of Jezebel that in our day we will listen to Your prophets who walk in our land to show us the direction in which we should walk.  We are thankful for each of them from Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman and all the others.  Now is the time Lord that we pray prophetically these words spoken to us will come to pass that his virus will pass over us now and we will see Your Glory in all that is coming to pass this day and everyday in our future!

Lord draw near to us as we draw near to You that this day is a day of miracles as You hear our cry for mercy & forgiveness for the sins of we Your people and that now that we have turned to You we will walk forward under the Banner of Your Son’s Blood and be one in the Holy Spirit to make America a nation where You rule and reign now and forever! Amen!  Alleluia

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