Jul 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Here we are Your army of prayer warriors seeking intercession for protection from all the attacks of the enemy.   Father we seek more zeal for Your word.  Yes, we believe but we want to renew our strength to battle even more fiercely to overturn the rebellion and chaos the enemy has brought into our land.  Lord, we stand in unity to strike down at the root the evil that lurks in the shadows to blind people to the truth.  Lord let our light shine brightly to expose the desecration and abomination of sexual perversion towards our children and all the trafficking that is even hidden under those who are wolves in sheep clothing like even mega ministries that worship at the altar of Baal and have forgotten that Jesus is Lord and He is our Head and we recognize no other.  Lord we are with zeal for Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done!

Father w set a protective shield around President Trump and those who are loyal to his leadership like AG William Barr and the other righteous men and women who work to bring Justice to America and especially the over throw of a dysfunctional justice system that needs cleansing of judges and attorneys that have taken the bribe and are prejudicial in their decisions.  That the innocent will be set free from all false accusations and slanderous talk that denies their right to a fair and honest trial before their peers.  Lord that we will voice we are a free people and true believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and no one can take from us.  That we stand committed to voice the truth and will not back down because it is not politically correct or some take offense because the truth cuts like a knife in a surgeon’s hand.  Lord let the Holy Spirit pour forth mor convicting power over all those who in public office to either repent of their sin against our nation or be brought to the courts of Justice to receive proper punishment and to make proper restitution.  As You promised a 7 fold return!

Father, we also pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who suffer persecution for  their Faith in You, O Lord. And who struggle to throw off the tyranny of those puppet masters who promote slavery over freedom and deny the truth by repeating lies from the pits of hell.  Lord let the Holy Spirit pour forth His Power to bring about an end to the corruption that rules on earth that in our day we will see the great Harvest and Your Indwelling Presence rule here on earth as You do in heaven!

Lord, in our prayer we cover the nation of Israel that their government may rule with Justice and fairness.  That the movement of the Holy Spirit will blow across the land that as Your propeht Kim Clement said across the Middle East we will hear the young say & sing Yeshuah! Yeshuah! Jesus is Lord!

Lord, in this hour we pray for all the sick and disabled in our land that Your healing Love will touch them and raise them up to have a full life filled with Divine Favor and Divine health.  Let Your healing miracles continue to sweep across the land.  Lord that this day as Your Warriors walkforth that anyone they see or touch who is in need of prayer and healing will sense it from us and Your Will be don in the lives we contact today!

Lord, we intercede fr all those You have anointed to lead us in worship and praise of You that they will have the zeal to rise up now!  Just as in the past in our fight for independence from the tyranny of an unjust king we had men who were pastors of the church rise up as the Black Robe Regiment to  fight for and encourage others to fight for freedom even to dying for this just cause that today we have the Black Robes arise and lead us now in this spiritual battle to win the heart and soul of America for God.  Lord we want zeal for Your Kingdom to reign here in America!  That each of us will arise to lead or march together in unity to empty America of those who hate what we are as followers of  Jesus and nation that is under God.  Lord we  strike at the root of this hatred and say Not in our land! We are a people washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb and there is not other God but You! Amen!Q  

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