Oct 2, 2019

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Father we are so grateful that we can unite with our brothers and sisters in Your Family across the earth as we are this morning. Lord what we seek here in America we also unite to bring the same into the nations of the world that want to be a part of Your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Father we know You hear us because Your Son promised that anything, we speak in His Name You will answer.  We see it and hear it happening in our day.  With hearts filled with love for You we are so grateful.

Father, we are under the shadow of Your Wings so we are confident that we are protected from all the attacks of the enemy.  Release Your Heavenly Host to continue to wreck havoc on the enemy’s camp and bring chaos and disunity among them so that that which they plot against us will stay in their own dark camp.  Let them be blinded by Your Bright Light which surrounds us and may they shake and squeal as they see we are surrounded by Your Warrior Angels that show Your Might and Power.  Again thank You Father for keeping Your Eye on Your Family gathered here and in the spirit now and in the days ahead.

Father, we continue to intercede for our President Trump in all that he endures from the enemy forces around him.  Continue to keep him courageous and bold to speak out against the enemy. Thank You God that he has a bold tongue to speak back to the enemy and that You have made him wise in his strategies to overcome the enemy and even to trap them into falling in their traps for him but become stepping stones to move America ahead and back on the solid ground of our foundations from our forefathers and mothers.  Thank You, for this great gift of America and all that it has done for the salvation of souls a a part of our Christian heritage!  Father, that we will continue to be a part of the Great Harvest You have begun, and that America is a Kingdom Nation.

Father, we seek the continue exposing of the wolves in sheep clothing in our midst especially in our government but in our assemblies of worship.  Make those who have lied and deceived us by twisting the words of Your Son face the evil they have done to Your Flock.  May the prophetic word You gave to Mark Taylor come to pass now in our day that the truth will be revealed through the discoveries of hidden scrolls or whatever form it is will shine brightly in our midst so that the separation of Your true Disciples will be clear.  Through the Holy Spirit’s convicting Power let Your People walk away from all that has held us captive and limited us from knowing You intimately in thought word and deed in Christ Jesus our Savior and King!  Yes, Lord there is a separation between those who speak Your Word truthfully and those who are blind leading the blind into the ditch and keeping us off the narrow path You have destined us to find and walk!  Thank You Lord for using righteous men and women to guide us in this day like the ekklesia movement amongst us in the Strike Force of Prayer and other influences to walk away from sources that hinder us from knowing Your heart and being one with You as Jesus has promised us that You are one  with Him You are also one with us!

Lord God through the authority given us by Your Son, our Redeemer we say to the mocker, the rebellious and the liar: we say Repent and follow Him or face the consequences of your free choice to follow the path to death and destruction.  As for our house with Joshua we say: We serve the Lord and follow His Commands! Lord raise up those who will change the narrative from fakeness to Truth in all forms of our media from news to entertainment so that we will hear the Truth that sets us free!

Lord we are here to stand by the Justice that You are bringing into the land by those You have anointed to lead us in this day. Lord from our house to the White house let our worship in spirit and truth be on our lips continually to be in alignment to Your Will for us. Not our will but Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen It is so! 

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