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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with repentant hearts.  Seeking Your Guidance and Protection as Your Kingdom Army.  Release Your Warrior Angels to defend us in our battle with the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Lord, keep us off the radar of the enemy.  As we pray led by Your Holy Spirit keep the enemy unaware of our marching orders!  Keep the enemy confused as we campaign to win back any Kingdom property we have lost through our neglect of duty and sloppiness in following out the assignment You have given us.  Lord, give us the blessings we need to run into the battle to defend the unborn, the widow, the orphan and all You ask us to protect and care for in our day!

Father, we place ourselves in Your Hands.  Use us as Your Humble Servants to do brave strikes in our battle with the enemy.  Lord, circumcise our hearts so that we are ready and able to do as Your Holy Spirit inspires us with the ways and means to show any lost ones that the Army of God is real in following and living the duties You give us to perform as fathers, mothers, brothers & sisters…..the Family of God living the Kingdom Life as disciples of Yeshua-Jesus!  We are so grateful that Jesus has already won our rewards!

Father in Your authority we bind all of the financial institutions that support a one world government , a one world religion—making the state god instead of  following You, Who are the Most High God, Who is in control, Who is our source of all that we have and Who is the only one Who saved us!

In the Name of Jesus we bind all the plans of the enemy to cause chaos in our friends, resources and blessings  You have ordained us to have!  Lord, change our thinking towards money  and its use in our lives.  Stop us from worrying and fearing that we do not have enough to stop the enemy.  Strengthen us in our Faith to trust that You will bless us in every situation with what we need.

Lord, we bind the enemy who has placed blocks and obstacles in our personal finances and the unjust burdens placed on us by our government!  Place Wisdom in President Trump and his administration to continue to change the unjust trade and the unjust regulations and rules that stop the flow of blessings in our lives, our business and endeavors to spread the Kingdom of God and to be able to preach the Good News through the use of a renewed media and entertainment  industry.  Lord with each exposure of corruption and deceit, send us righteous men and women to re-instate the Biblical principles to be our guide in government from the federal, to  state and local levels to rule by Your Commands, O Lord!

Lord, continue to circumcise our hearts so that we are givers instead takers, more selfless instead of selfish, more obedient instead of rebellious and disobedient.  Father, may our actions be signs of our being disciples of Your Son , Yeshua-Jesus the Christ!

Father, we give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

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