Feb 5, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Let Your Holy Fire blaze in our hearts to make us pure and holy as an offering to You and be willing to fulfill Your Perfect Will for us here on earth as it is in heaven! Father, we love You with all that is in us to do. There is no other god for us You are the only true God. We repent of even giving our enemy the impression that he is so strong and has so many in his camp to overpower us. It is not true! You are our strength! You are our buckler and our shield and the enemy has no Power or Might like Yours! Give us more boldness of Faith to face our enemies without fear, knowing that Your Son, Yeshuah has already defeated the enemy and has defeated the works of the devil!

Lord we repent of our in fighting. Constantly judging others because they do not speak as we speak or they have a different view of what is happening. Father, all we need know is that we are covered by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah and that we are one in the spirit and worship You in spirit and truth!. There is no god, but You Lord and Your words ring in our hearts and are the song we sing: You will never leave us or forsake us! For no weapon formed against us will prosper. We are here to be in harmony with You Father, and to be in harmony with one another living as Your Son, Yehsuah, showed us and poured Himself out for us. Each of us is a great gift from You to one another and we each are of great value to You and so a s You love us we are here to love one another. That is our Mission and we accept it and are willing to put into action ever moment of our lives to be just like Jesus!

Father, during these days we want to place a special protection around those who hear from You and are willing instruments to speak prophetically for You, like Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman, John Enlow, Kat Kerr and other women and men! Lord Your prophetic words are a treasure to us. We know You are God who makes Promises, but even more importantly Keeps those Promises. So Father, we hold on to the word that President Trump will continue to be President fro 4 more years. What You have said will come to pass and it will be another opportunity to see You Manifest Your Glory and we will see Your Mighty Works unfold before us in this time!

We are so grateful for the wonderful gift of the the Holy Spirit who is sent to us to reveal all truth and to bring conviction on the earth to purify us and make us one in all that we are to do to defend Your Kingdom and spread it around the world! May Your Holy Spirit raise up the righteous men and women who will reveal the truth about who is the real President and that You have not abandoned Your anointed. It is not over in fact it has just begun as Justice will unfold. As our prophets have spoken we will see the tribunals of Justice. We will see the corrupt fall from office! We will see the prophets and priests of Baal crushed and that those who have committed adultery with Jezebel will be exposed and their kingdoms will crash and be no more! As You Spirit has spoken: The time has come to hold all the enemies of the Living God accountable for their atrocities against mankind. Repentance can save your soul but there will be no mercy in the Justice that is here! We will see our churches cleansed and purified of leaders who have led us astray, but now Your Mighty Prayer Warriors are on a Rescue Mission to save and heal those who have been abused, confused and led astray for the Truth is Marching on! Lord, let Your Holy Fire do its work now and forever! Amen It is so!

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