Sep 26, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

we are here to focus on You instead of what the enemy is doing to distract us from Your

Presence. The enemy is no god, he has no strength or power like You, but so often we make it seem like he is so powerful and that we have no chance in what You have called us to do to defend Your Kingdom and expand its territory across the earth. Today, Father we are here to reflect in how You have created us so fearfully and wonderfully. You knew us even before You put us in the womb or our mother. You had already decided to place us here in this time we are here for You have great plans for us. You have ordained us and set us aside to do a special work for Your Kingdom. Even though we are aware of our weakness and at times falter because of fear of the enemy we are made more than conquerors and You believe in us! How awesome a God we have in You! There is nothing to fear for Your Son, Jesus the Christ has poured out His Blood for us to wash us clean from all sin and iniquity and rebellion and witchcraft. Through Him we have all we need and You have given us the Holy Spirit who instills Wisdom and discernment in us. We are her in thanksgiving and to give You all the glory and honor as everything unfolds for us in these days of intense fighting to bring Victory to our land and Your sacred land of Israel and across the earth that we will see here on earth as it is in Heaven Justice, Peace and harmony in our midst! Praise You, God our Father!

Father, in this hour here in America we proclaim as the prophet has told us it is the end of the corrupt and those who are here to destroy our covenant with You will be soon brought to Justice and those are with us are more than those who are with the enemy. Lord, continue to raise up the youth of our day to take a stand against the isms of hate and destruction by their expression in singing a new song and gathering together to say loudly Jesus is Lord. It matters not that there are those who are lawless and riotous we will see law and order return to the land. We declare it now in our cities like Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and any city where violence erupts that the Blood of Jesus washes over America and we are set free from the hate and Peace and Harmony rule and reign over our hearts and in every house from the White house to our house we are praying people seeing Justice penetrating into the those who need to face their crimes and destruction to make recompense and face the punishment they deserve now! Thank You, God for blessing us with men and women like AG Bar who are doing their part to make law and order be in our land!

Father, your prophets have said Roe v. Wade would be overturned and other such terrible laws would come before the Supreme Court for Justice to prevail and we would return to being a nation whose laws are based on Your Commands! Lord, bless President Trump in his decision about appointing a new Justice that the woman he chooses will be bold and strong in character to make our Court under You instead of the evil of allowing perversion to be the rule instead righteousness in the land! Lord, no matte how loud the deceived ones yell and sneak attack her character tha it wil all come to naught and we will be a wakened to fight and defend the truth. That slander and lies will be exposed and all the trickery to stop this appointment will come to naught now! As the prophet has said Trump will change our Supreme Court that will come to pass in these days before the election! Lord that we will see Your Hand move and even eliminate those who need to be out of office in our government so we will see righteousness prevail now! May those who lie and slander have the very rocks they intend to throw fall on them and that their throats be parched that they cannot say a word to destroy, but in

fact that they will make it easy for this appointment. You have such a wondrous way of doing things that You take evil and use it to bring forth good and we will see that now in these days. Thank You Lord for answering all the prayers of Your Army and give us even more boldness to call down the Fire to burn up all the enemy’s resources. That through our prayers for Justice You will release the angel of Retribution to strike hard in the enemy camp that they will be lost in chaos and falling on their own swords just as You have done in the past with the enemies of Israel, so now Lord we live by the covenant we made with You in imitation of the Covenant You made with Israel that we will see You walk among us and we will give You praise honor and glory for this greatest hour in our Victory here in America and across the earth. We are confident for we make our prayer in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen! It is so!

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