Oct 10, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Send forth Your Holy Spirit to kindle within us the Fire of Love for our Battle to make America Your Land again as our founding fathers and mothers dreamed of and were willing to fight and give all for its birth for all generations to follow them! Father, let Your Holy Spirit blow on us a fresh wind for change and a new beginning during this month to become a Red October to be filed with surprises that the enemy will not be able to stop or slow down in any way!

Lord, we are here under Your Holy Protection to have heart like Your Heart and to fulfill Your Will for our Land.  That the enemy has no sway over us for our gathering in this hour to give You glory, honor and praise for all that You have started and we intercede that it will continue and gather momentum during these days in October and beyond!  Keep the enemy from interfering with this sacred time of prayer that no one will in any way stop this prayer or distract us from what we are doing now!

Let Your Fire be used to instill in us a righteous anger to turn back the evil that is being done in so many areas of our life especially our youth, our children!  Father that more men and women will be inspired to do the just works to stop child trafficking, child sexual abuse in all its forms and child sacrifice above and below the ground!  That eve our youth will see the Truth and call out to bring an end to this and return as your prophet said the children toward their fathers and fathers toward their children.  That fire is beginning now!

Let Your Fire burn in the hearts of those You have called and anointed to allow us to live under true Justice.  Lord that we will have more impassioned defenders of our Constitution and our just laws.  We thank You for bringing Judge Kavanaugh to his rightful place on the Supreme Court.  Bless him Lord after his straight forward speaking during his hearing!  Bless his wife and children as they stand with him even through muck and scandalous way in which they were treated.  Lord that we return to the right of being innocent until proven guilty.  That our Senate return to its proper position of Advise and Consent and not the mockery of trial and error!  Let that fire of Justice burn now in our America!

Lord, Your prophet has told us that these things that we witnessed in the first day of this month are the markers of a new beginning for Justice to prevail. Let the fire You have placed within us become even more self-evident in uniting us even stronger in Prayer and their our Voices echo through out the heavens and the earth that we are one nation under God and we worship no other God but You O Lord!  May the October surprise be how United we have become in Your Army!

Father let the Fire of the Holy Spirit consume so that our prayers turn to actions of Faith, Hope and Love in all we do to make America under your Kingdom  rule!  Lord that we will use our right and privilege to vote be used to overturn and throw out those who are in office subverting and plotting to stop our duly elected President Trump from doing what You have put in his heart to do make us a nation that walks with You!  That there be a fire in our people to gain back the proper voting procedures to stop voter fraud and illegal aliens and other illegal tactics that have been in use to win elections.  That we see a stop to it and we see a massive turnout of our people to vote for righteousness and make each state be a part of Red October be a Red November 6th.

Father that the Fire that has been started consume the media and all forms of journalism and reporting into an expose’ of the Truth.  That men and women be raised up to report and voice the Truth about corruption and wrong doing so that Americans can truly discern the Truth from the lie or fake news!  That this Fire burn across the internet so that the hunger for Truth will prevail and the liars be exposed and repent or suffer the consequences of their lies!

Father thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit in our walk of Faith so that we can be molded into the image of Your Son, Yeshua!  That what is in heaven will be done on earth!  We keep our prayers going in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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